Another family movie night is over and the kids are sound asleep so lets check out the flick for this weeks family night movie.
                                  Santana's Pick
A Night At The Roxbury
Oldie but goodie for those with a some what twisted sense of humor.

  Wealthy Yemeni-American brothers 
Steve (Will Ferrell) and Doug Butabi 
(Chris Kattan) enjoy frequenting Los 
Angeles nightclubs
where they bob their 
heads in unison to dance music
 (specifically Haddaway's hit song "What
Is Love") and fail miserably at picking up 
women. Their dream is to party at the 
Roxbury, a fabled nightclub where they 
are continually denied entrance by a 
hulking bouncer (Michael Clarke
 Duncan). By day, the brothers work at 
an artificial plant store owned by their
 wealthy father, Kamehl Butabi (Dan 
Hedaya). They spend most of their time 
goofing off, daydreaming about opening 
a club as cool as the Roxbury together, 
and Doug using credit card transactions 
as an excuse to hit on a phone approval
 operator. The store shares a wall with a 
lighting emporium owned by Fred 
Sanderson (Dwayne Hickman). Mr.
 Butabi and Mr. Sanderson hope that 
Steve and Emily (Molly Shannon), 
Sanderson's daughter, will marry, 
uniting the families and the businesses to 
form the first plant-lamp emporium.

After a day at the beach the brothers 
decide that tonight is the night they will
 finally get into the Roxbury. Returning
 home, Doug gets into a heated argument 
with their father about going out
clubbing instead of staying home. Their 
father has planned a dinner party with 
Emily and her parents. The angered Mr.
 Butabi then denies them access to their 
BMW car and their cell phones. They are 
given enormous cell phones by their 
mother (Loni Anderson
and allowed use
 of the fake-plant store's delivery van, 
they are quickly rejected by the doorman
 (Michael Clarke Duncan). After 
discovering they might bribe their way 
into the club, the brothers drive around
 looking for an ATM. They get into a
 fender-bender with Richard Grieco
 (playing himself) and to avoid a lawsuit,
 Grieco uses his fame to get them into the
 popular club. There they meet the owner
 of the Roxbury, Benny Zadir (Chazz 
Palminteri), who listens to their idea for
 a nightclub of their own. He likes them
 and sets up a meeting with them for the
 next day. The brothers also meet a pair
 of women at the Roxbury: Vivica (
Gigi Rice) and Cambi (Elisa Donovan), 
who see them talking to Zadir and think 
that the brothers are rich.

On the way to the after party at Mr
. Zadir's house, the brothers annoy his 
driver and bodyguard Dooey (Colin 
Quinn) by making him stop to buy fluffy 
whip and making jokes about sleeping 
with his parents. As revenge, the next day 
Dooey denies them entry into Zadir's 
office for their meeting. He tells the 
brothers that Zadir was drunk out of his 
mind last night and does not know who 
they are. In reality, Zadir really wants to 
see them, but does not have their contact
 information. The girls break up with the
 Butabi brothers after realizing they are 
not really wealthy. The brothers fight 
and Doug moves out of their shared 
bedroom and into the guest house. 
Meanwhile Steve is forced into an 
engagement with Emily. The wedding
 is held in the backyard of the Butabi 
residence, but is interrupted by Doug.
 Having gone on a fluffy-whip-fueled 
bender, he interrupts the wedding, 
reconciles with his brother, and the 
wedding is called off. Afterwards,
 Richard Grieco (a guest at the wedding) 
talks to Mr. Butabi to help him 
understand that Steve was not ready for 
marriage, and that Butabi is too hard on

The movie ends as the Butabi brothers 
happen upon a hot new club. The 
building is unique in that the exterior is
 constructed to resemble the interior of a 
nightclub, and the interior resembles a street — this was an idea pitched by Doug
 and Steve to Zadir earlier in the movie.
 Attempting to enter, they are surprised 
to find their names on the VIP list. In 
addition, Zadir reveals that to reward 
their idea, he has made them part-
owners of the club. Their new-found 
success comes full circle when they meet 
two women in the club: Doug's phone 
representative from the credit card 
company (Meredith Scott Lynn) and a 
police officer (Jennifer Coolidge) whom 
Steve earlier flirted with while getting a 

Some parts may not be for younger viewers but all in all it's a funny movie and we enjoy it. Maybe you will too. :)


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