What's going on?!?!?!.

As I sit here with my passport application on it's way to the Department of State for approval and so many feelings and emotions running wild I guess I should finally clue you (my readers) in on whats going on. As it says at the top of my blog in the description, I am pre-op for WLS, W-weight L-loss S-surgery. What it doesn't state is that I will be traveling to India to have my surgery. Why so far you may ask? Well.....

 My husband works for a wonderful company that provides a medical program for it's employees and their dependents. The program sends them to some of the greatest surgeons in their field in order to have surgeries or to get medical attention needed so that they may begin to have a better healthier happier life. Given the choice to either have my surgery in Costa Rica or India I chose India. Gastric Bypass is one of the many operations available.  They also perform Knee replacements, Shoulder replacements, Spinal disc replacements, Spine fusion, and even dental implants Just to name a few. For me a really awesome part is that there is no cost to myself and a friend or family member unless we want to buy souvenirs. I've heard others make such positive statements about their own personal experiences so I can't wait to have mine to share as well. I will be sharing those experiences here on my blog as I go along. 

I'm really excited and nervous about going on this trip being that this will be my very first time on a plane and only my second time out of my home state, not to mention my first real trip!! I have my faith in God that he will be with me and watching over me and I will follow his guidance along the path that I need to be on. I know this is what I need in order to finally be able to live a happy HEALTHY life. I'm ready to break the cycle of obesity in my blood line and be able to be a positive example and role model for my 2 younger children, who I have witnessed are following right in line with me at that age.

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Wordless Wednesday!!! Birthday fun

Birthday fun

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Monday Listicles Valentin No No's

                                      MONDAY LISTICLES

This week’s Monday Listicles is based on what not to buy your woman for a gift. I guess it's Kind of a heads up for your loving man if he checks out your blog. HI!! HUNNY!! :)

I have to say I'm really not the kind of person that has a list of things I wouldn't want. I mean I've gotten some pretty unusual gifts in the past, for example- tires for my truck for Christmas and a carpet shampooer for my birthday. My hubby is not the lovey dovey type so I appreciate everything I get because I know he made an effort and took the time to think about me and that's what matters most.

10 things not to get your wife for Valentines day.

1. Sweet hearts

yucky nasty chalky candies with the words on them. I won't even buy these for my kids...UCKY!!
2. Sweets in general

Actually since I'm doing the weight loss surgery soon and I'm really into loosing weight it would be best to not buy any sweets at all.

3.Cheap Cheesy Cards

I don't like any card
that was just picked
up because it was in the valentines section.

4. Cleaning supplies

No kind of cleaning supplies or anything of that manner would be acceptable for valentines day.


Another gift that I would not want would be a gift bought for him with my name on the tag. My ex husband did that once. He bought me a shirt that was his size (2-3 sizes smaller than me) and a mans bracelet.
6. Stuffed animals
I used to love stuffed animals but now I have them on my bedroom wall and stuffing the top of our closet so I know I don't need anymore.

7. Anything porn related
Don't need it. Really wouldn't like it as Valentines day either. I believe that would also go under the gifts for him with my name on it.
8. Roses
A few years ago James went out and bought me a row of rose bushes and told me that they were my lifetime supply. When they are in bloom he just cuts one off and brings it to me. So He knows I'm good in that department.
9. Furniture
our house already too full.
10. Can't think of anything else. 
I really can't think of anything else. Like I said before I love anything that he takes the time and thought to get me.
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Sunday Social

I"m linking up to Sunday Social this week brought to you by Neely!
This week's questions are childhood questions! YAY!!

1. What was your first car?

My first car: I didn't really get to enjoy my first car. I paid $500 for a 70 powder blue Mercury cougar when I was 16 and it's transmission blew out as it was being brought to my house.
this is almost what it looked like
My first car that I bought and was able to drive was a blue 86 Plymouth horizon
It definitely wasn't my dream car but I loved the freedom that came with it and I of course had my stickers all over the back glass of the bands I loved.

2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
I actually had a couple teachers that I thought highly of 
Mrs. Hanes my fourth grade teacher
 was such a delight to have.
In seventh grade I remember Mrs. Carr as being yet another 
favorite. She was so kind. and lastly My 8th grade science teacher Mr. 
Branch (I think). I hate that I forgot his name but he made science so 
much fun. He was also in my group on a school trip we took called
outward bound.

3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can! 
The only extracurricular activity I was allowed to join was the yearbook staff in 8th grade. I loved it because even at that young of an age I LOVED taking pictures.

4. What was your favorite birthday party?
This Birthday was one of my most memorable birthdays. One because just about all my family was there and 2 because my mom got a helium tank and there were lots ob balloons.

 I don't think there was party this birthday but I love the picture of me holding the cake my mom made for me. She always had such a gift when it came to making cakes

5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?
Boy I know this shows my age but I was so crazy about the coreys
Also the Wahlberg brothers donnie and Mark

And lastly I know they are not teens but I was crazy
 about just about all the 80' hair bands 
From Cinderella to Warrant including this guy Sebastian Bach 

6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?  
Growing up we were absolutely NOT allowed to watch The Simpsons. I swear I believe my brother and I were the only kids who didn't watch it. We were told that Bart was disrespectful to his parents so it was not allowed on our tv. I did find it quite funny though that we never missed an episode of Married with children. LOL!!