Checking in and rambling a little

It was before Valentines day that I last checked in other than my link ups and time really seems to be dragging in a way lately.

It's unexplainable how time can fly but drag at the same time. It's flying because there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get done everything I need to do. Yet it's dragging because I'm still waiting on my passport to arrive and also James' tax refund.

How was everyone's Valentines day??

I would have to say mine was the best I have had of all time. First and for most I'm not to big on Valentines day for the simple fact that I don't think one day out of the year should be used to show someone how much you love them. I believe that should be done year round. As I have said before James is not the lovey dovey smooshie type. He wasn't raised hearing "I love you" and he's not one to just throw that around and abuse the phrase like so many others. At first I didn't like the idea of not hearing those 3 little words but I've gotten used to it and actually not hearing it day in and day out makes it even more special when he does say it. O.k. I'm For our valentines we went out of town alone. He spoiled everywhere we went that afternoon. We started the evening at the mall where I got him a new fishing pole and a bunch of tackle(I chose to think outside the box this year and he really loved it). He got me a dozen beautiful chocolate covered strawberries. Even though I had told him no candy or sweets this year. But I couldn't be mad at him it was so sweet and the darn things were almost $6 each. Then to conclude out lovely day together he took me to one of my favorite restaurants called Razzoo's which is an AWESOME Cajun restaurant. Then it a hour drive back home to a quite house since the kids were already in bed.

The next day was one I will never forget. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a boxer. Since being with James I figured I might as well hang that up being that he is a tried and true pitbull lover. Don't get me wrong I love them too, but I still secretly longed for the dog of my dreams. WELL, that dream came true Feb. 15th.
I am now the super excited proud owner of my very own 8 week old German Boxer "BRUTUS". He is a silly little buddy. Day one he basically slept all day but after that he has been nothing but a little bundle of energy that makes me laugh a lot!. I am now in the process of crate training for the first time and let me till you! At first it was very challenging until I sat down and googled how to do it properly and found out I was actually doing it all wrong. Now he is doing GREAT and no more whining when he has to go in it, HA and no accidents in the house either. I have to say he is a really smart little guy.

I have started a new way of working out that is really working for me. I don't know why I didn't see it before. I used to wait till everyone was in bed and I was totally exhausted before I did my workout. It was working but I was not enjoying it and you know if your not enjoying yourself your not going to stick with it. Well the idea came to me a little over a week ago while passing by and seeing my oldest son in his room lifting weights. I walked in and asked him how many reps he could do before getting tired. After watching him I repeated it. It was almost amusing seeing the look on his face after witnessing his out of shape mama doing the same as he had just done. So I decided that as a way of supporting each other we could weight train together. He liked the idea and honestly I loved it. Not only are we there for each other it's extra one on one time with my 14 year old son. Well that took care of my weights now what about cardo? There again right in front of my face. My daughter loves doing the Just Dance games on the Wii and PS3 and again a good way to have one on one time with her plus I'm more motivated to try to keep up with her while sharing lots of laughs and dancing our tushes off. So far I'm truly loving my new workout methods and am hoping to find something I can do with my middle child to get him off the couch and moving around more.

 I told myself a while back that I wouldn't buy any new clothes till the old ones where falling off. I tried to stick with the thought but it didn't really work. I got so tired of my baggy pants and honestly felt ugly while wearing them. So one day while at a second hand store picking up a blanket for Brutus' crate I chose to get one pair of jeans so that I wasn't always walking around in super baggy clothes. To my surprise and excitement I discovered I had not only gone down a size but actually 2 whole sizes YAY ME!!!! I love my snugger newish jeans and am so happy I'm even closer to my goal weight of 125-30 Lbs. I haven really talked about my starting weight because I felt ashamed for allowing myself to get that big.  I am going to post the two pictures that did it for me. Looking at them disgusted me to the point that I knew it was time for a change.

 I was 275lbs and absolutely sick and tired of being sick and tired and of being big. I wasn't always a big girl. But I had been for the majority of my life so far. I suffered from depression as a teen and I'm not saying that's 100% to blame for my size but it didn't help and then I suffered a bout with PPD after my 3rd child was born and a I ballooned up again to almost 300lbs. Which to this day is the biggest I have been. Since then it has been an up and down roller coaster. NO MORE!!  As I've said many times before and I will continue to repeat it.  This girl is making major changes for a better life. I WILL FINALLY BE HAPPY!!!

W.W. New Baby

Sunday Social V DAY

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions: All about Valentines Day

1. Best Valentines Day you've ever had??

  I would have to say that this valentines day was the very best I have ever had. It was better than I could have ever dreamed. Hubby and I went out of town alone, spend the day shopping and him spoiling me, he took my to my favorite restaurant and ended the day with a bang ;)

2. Worst Valentines Day you've ever had??

    I don't know if I've ever had a worst VD other than hubby having to work on that day. Never really been to huge about that day.

3. What do you plan on doing for Valentines this year??

     I had already told James I really didn't want to do anything this year. He told me to make reservations to where ever I wanted to go and I just told him I didn't want to go anywhere( I really just wanted a change from fighting the crowds)

4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single??
   A pampering day at the spa.

5. Favorite Valentines Candy??

   Now I would have to say Chocolate covered strawberries
ones that James got me this year
6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood??

          Either I'm really old or I just didn't have any. I do know that I always got my mother something for Vday because she never got anythig from anyone else


Monday Listicles 10 TINY OR SECRET JOYS


Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles. This week's topic is:
10 Tiny or Secret things that bring me joy

       Just recently while preparing to get all my stuff together to turn in my application for my passport I had to ran sack my closet to find my Birth certificate(what fun!!) anywhoo. I can across 4 VHSC's (for anyone who doesn't remember what those are, it's the miniature VHS tapes for the old old camcorders.) While sitting and watching these tapes for the first time in ages I couldn't help but smile like a Cheshire cat as I wiped away tears. one of the tapes had my 2 oldest children when they were 2 and 7 months old and the others where when they were 1,3,and 5.
    After finding those tapes and him seeing how badly I wanted to know what was on them he went on a day long search to find me one of those old timey camcorders just so that I could see what was on them. That alone brings me joy.

  He is so sweet and cuddly and spunky every time he hops around he makes me laugh.

         The decision to loose weight wasn't he only decision I have made in the past year that has made a major effect. I decided to take control of my life and actually start living it. I cast away all the negative people who were causing not only myself but my kids pain and those who brought unnecessary drama into our home. I also decided to have a positive out look on life and to look at the bright side instead of always worrying what could go wrong. I changed to always look at how I can make it right. I knew that in order for me to have the outcome I plan on after surgery I had to rid my life of the things that were going to try to prevent my success. That in a nut shell has brought much joy to my life!

7> One on one girl times with my daughter.
8> A day at the salon.
9> Compliments on my children being well behaved by strangers.
10> Completing a project.