They grow so fast

      I DID IT!!! I survived My son's first "NOT" a date. I had worried about this day for a long time but I think the way we went about it made it easy for myself and her mom to handle it better. She and I got to sit and chat while keeping our eyes on them. Vinny who is 14 met and started chatting via facebook with Cindy and just recently they started talking on the phone. 

It's funny that they ended up being interested in each other. Her mother and I have known each other for quite a while and have basically watched each others children grow up via social sites (Myspace then Facebook). We had mentioned a couple times that we should get the kids together but never went through it because something always seemed to come up either on my side or hers. Anyhoo!! Today was the day, they had planned to meet at the park but due to possible rain Vinny decided he wanted to invite her to Putt Putt and Ice cream so that their day would not end up being canceled . I must say it was so cute seeing how nervous they really were to finally be standing face to face. The poor things hardly got anytime alone thanks to his two and her one siblings doing what they do best, Annoying the crap out of them.

 It's funny how dating has changed since I was that age. Back when I was 14 dating was not allowed in our house. Heck I didn't go on my first date till I was 17. Not only that when I mentioned the word date you would have thought I had dropped a bomb the way both Vinny and Cindy looked at me. They said it was NOT a date. but we moms who know our kids better know that's what it was. They are hoping to go to the park tomorrow and I know My 3 can't wait. I know my opinion doesn't matter on this but I really like this girl and think she is a great fit for my boy since they have so much in common. Plus it helps that I know her family already and know that they are just as strict as I am. As soon as we got home he ran to the phone to call her and they talked till bed time :). we'll see what tomorrow brings and the saga continues. 


Bringing the Spice Back

   If your relationship is anything like mine you can relate when I say sometimes it can get a little dull. James and I have been together 10 years and I'm not saying anything is wrong. Just saying sometimes you run out of ideas, most times your just to busy to plan anything romantic together, or even those times when you feel the romance is just a little one sided. 

   James is a great husband but when it comes to romance he got the short end of the stick. He knows how to make me feel special but after 10 years it all just seems like a scratched record. Most of the times it's just the same ol same ol. After awhile presents can get boring. What started out as a freebie has really brought some exciting fun back into our relationship and I no longer feel that most of the romance is one sided anymore.
The boxes come in a package like this once a month
Inside you'll find 2 boxes one for her and one for him

The first month the HERS box comes with 2 envelopes to send you significant other 2 messages. 1 you sneak to them in a briefcase or in my case his lunch for work the other you use the lace to tie the note to something instructing them to bring to lace to where you are meeting them and (well the rest you'll have to imagine)
In the HIS box it contained a small bottle of wonderful smelling bubble bath and a tube with paper in it so that he can write you a seductive note on what is yet to come. he puts the tube to float in the bath so you find it while soaking in the bath. the red things are rose peddles that he makes a trail of them from the bathroom door to where ever he wants to meet and well the rest is again up to the imagination.
Month 2 the HERS box comes with a wonderful smelling candle and bottle of massage oil and an appointment card to plan when you are going to meet. What you are supposed to do is light candles, dim the lights, play soft music, and give him a soothing massage also while the hour glass is running share your stories of gratitude with him and let him know how special he really is to you and or the family. What ever happens next is up to you!
Since this is only our second month this is the last box we have received so far 
The HIS box for this month included a Velvet bag, feathers,sandpaper, blindfold, soy candles, a chain and an appointment card to save the date. This box had a little 50 shades of gray theme I thought and without going to much into detail I have to say it was very exciting.

This is a wonderful company and any couple who has hit a dull point or as I said is just to busy to think of new things to do here is your chance. the first month is free and not only that you can use paypal so that you don't even have to give up your credit card info.

Try it I bet you'll like it too :)



  My husband dubbed these my cowboy sandwiches they are so simple and the family loves them.

I started out with 3LBs of thin cut Milanesa steak
Sliced into bite sized stripes
Cut off all unwanted fat

These are my seasons of choice for the meat
After seasoning I set the meat aside to marinate 
As a side I prefer white rice with a little beef bouillon to flavor. Now is a good time to preheat the oven to 400 degrees for the bread later.
Prepare by box instructions add bouillon to you liking. Personally I make enough servings for 8 so I add 2-3 cubes
Now is a good time to start sauteing 1 large sweet onion sliced. Once they are nice and transparent I set them aside in a bowl till the meat is done
In the same pan add about a TBSP of butter and brown meat
Now that meat is done add onions and let simmer with lid on till dinner is ready
To toast the bread I put a thin layer of butter on the bottom of my cookie sheet 
I also butter the top of the buns. For the kids I prefer to use hotdog buns they are the perfect size for smaller appetites 
My family loves white gravy on their rice. I just use this brand and I make it while the bread is toasting.
When oven reaches 400 degrees. put bread in for 5 mins
Flip an toast for 5 more mins
Add any veggie of your choice for your other side. My kids chose corn for tonight

you can top with shredded mozzarella cheese

Or as my husband prefers just smother in gravy

serve and you'll have a fan favorite!!

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I don't know about you But I get so anxious this time of year. I absolutely LOVE the fair.

Yummy funnel cakes
Sausage with peppers and onions
carni stands full of teeth rotting sweets
Caramel Apples
Nachos drowned in cheese 
and who can forget the Fried oreos

It's not only the rides that draws this family. We love the super greasy sugar filled extremely unhealthy carni food.

It's sad that a family of 5 has to pay $30 just to get in the gates. Nothing is free so I don't understand why admission can not be free. I mean really. We paid $50 just to ride the rides after the admission fee. It's terrible the price you must pay for a family to have fun. Anyhoo

$30 Fair admission,

$40 Sweet greasy goodness

$50 for tickets to ride the rides

Seeing the sheer terror in your little ones faces while they scream their heads off while riding the big rides for the first time PRICELESS!!!!!

her first time on the swings

same for nick
got her eye closed tight

riding the enterprise

enterprise- James and Santana are in the car above me
Can you tell who has the queasy belly 

getting ready to ride the scariest ride there the cyclopes 

getting ready to ride the X-factor 

Jumping of the X-factor 

Last ride of the night
The whole night was filled with great family fun and the kids had a blast.
you know you had a great time when this is the ride home

Hope to do it again in a couple weeks in Greensboro at a bigger better fair.