Scavenger Hunt Sunday

My Daughter Santana receiving lots of puppy love from our Pit Isis.

This is one of the poles we had our volleyball net on this summer. James moved it later to hang a rug on when he was teaching the kids to shoot a bow so that the bows would not get lost in the woods. We've had so much rain that the pole is now leaning to the side.

3. Fragrant
A bit scary looking I know but this is our oil burner that we buy lovely smelling oils for to keep the house smelling wonderful.

4. Simple
Walking through the house looking for a simple shot I happened to see a sandpaper block and a couple screws laying on the counter where James had left them after working on a project.

This is the oddball plant that has grown out of my rose garden. We are just letting it grow to see what it produces. I guess when we were planting the garden on the other side of the porch one stray seed was dropped into my rose garden.



Christine E-E said...

aren't dogs great for sharing KISSES? even when you don't want them. I don't have a dog but I have three grand-dogs.

Summer said...

They sure are! Ours are known well for giving unwanted kisses or as we call them surprise kisses.

Ashley Sisk said...

Love those doggie kisses!

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