Linking up again with the 10 day YOU challenge with Lauren. I started a bit late so I'm only on my 2nd installment and so here are my 9 loves.



3. Taking Pictures
I absolutely love taking pictures of just about anything. It's more than a hobby it a passion


I love different types of music. from classical, country, rock, metal, oldies, and many many different groups. The old music I can say I don't really care for is rap.

I love cooking, baking or just making something crafty. 

7.{{watching movies}}


9. {{FOOD}}
I love all type of food but my weaknesses are red meat and pasta


  • Linky begins Wednesday, September 26th and ends Wednesday, October 3rd
  • Go through the photos  from July, August, September 2012
  • Choose 5 and post them on your blog or Flickr account beginning September 26th
  • PLEASE only use photos that include your CHILDREN and/or PETS 
  • Accompany each photo with a short explanation of why you chose it
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It was extremely hard for me to just choose 5 of my favorite pictures because I am such an compulsive picture taker. But here they are!! I hope you enjoy.

This picture was taken back in July on one of our many trips to the science center. I absolutely love having the kids put there heads in the mirrored display and standing on the other end to take the picture. it always comes out really neat and I really love the way this one turned out.
My oldest son made the football team in August and my youngest son just had to following in his footsteps. I love this picture because I think it displays a sort of sibling rivalry. 
 I love the scenery and just the simplicity of this picture.
The pure happiness in her face makes me love this picture. She thought it was so funny because she almost fell off the rock and I just happened to catch the excitement on her face.
I took the kids to the mountains this past weekend and we did a little rock climbing. This was taken after nick jumped off of a rock onto what he thought was a shore only to find out it was marsh and we joked with him about having swamp foot.  The expression on his face in this picture is why I chose this picture.


I came across a base recipe for taco bake on Pinterest and put my spin on it.
I start out with about 4lbs of ground beef, 2-3 taco seasoning packets, 1 med-lg sweet onion, and 1 jar of Salsa Can Queso
 You want to begin by browning your ground beef. for 6 people I use 3-4lbs of beef. this time I used 4
when most of it is done add your diced large sweet onion and finish browning beef 
Next step it to drain beef and onion
return to pot and add your taco seasoning. I used 2 packs so that it wouldn't be too spicy
When beef is ready it's time to stir in the Salsa Con Queso cheese. I use a whole jar.
Preheat oven to 350. you'll want to have a round cake pan to make your layers in. I use Lg tortillas, shredded mexican cheese blend, sliced black olives, and bacon pieces
place one tortilla on the bottom, add a layer of beef mixture top with black olives and cheese blend
start the second layer with a tortilla, layer of beef mix, bacon pieces and cover with cheese blend. The third and last layer will be the same. Place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes
Now it the best time to start the side. which I chose Mexican rice for tonight. I just follow the simple directions on the bag. 
when the bake is removed from the oven it time for the toppings!!
I top with shredded lettuce, Pico De Gallo, Sliced black olives, more bacon pieces, and melted Gordo's melted cheese dips.
And this is your finished product!!
Add your side and it's dinner time :)