1. A place to have the wedding

I would like to have my wedding in the mountains either in an old country church or with a beautiful waterfall in the back ground.

2. Something to arrive in
  It's my day to be a princess so why not arrive in a carriage fit for a princess.

     I'm extremely easy to please on this one. All I want is a ring that has at least 1 karat and the band is platinum.

 4. The Groom
     This is the easiest part of all because I already have the best groom in the world.

5. The Dress
        I love the look of an A line dress on my body. I've already tried on one just like this and decided this is the one I want.

6. Grooms Tux
   My colors would of course be black, white and blue for the simple fact that I LOVE BLUE!!!

7. My bouquet
    I love these colors in this bouquet and love the idea of having something other than the traditional roses.

8. family in the wedding
My best friend as my 1st maid of honor
My son Vinny to walk me down the isle

Both boys would be James' best men

My daughter would be my other maid of honor

9. The Cake
He wanted chocolate and strawberries and I wanted traditional so we liked this one. That way we got the best of both worlds.

 10.The Kiss

 The kiss after we renew our vows to each other at the end of my dream wedding.

I know there are other things like the officiate and the reception that have been left out but this is my list of 10 things that would make my dream wedding come true. 



Musings of a Minister's Wife said...

That is a most awesome cake! Hope you get everything you want!

Summer said...

Thank you! I'd bet it tastes as good as it looks too.

Diane said...

My best friend and her husband road from the church to their reception in a carriage like that...many moons ago. And that cake? Is amazing!

Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

That looks like quite the shin-dig you have in mind! The dress is gorgeous!

Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

Sounds like a pretty fabulous dream wedding!

Leslie said...

Fun! Love your picks-especially #10. We didn't have the traditional kiss after the vows, which would have been nice.

Summer said...

Thank you! Yeah My husband doesn't believe in planning anything. He's more of a spur of the moment kind of person. We Got married on Dec.31st. He woke me that morning and had already decided that that was the day he wanted to get married. This time when we renew our vows I get the wedding that I wanted.

Ducky said...

How awesome would it be to arrive and leave in that Cinderella carriage?! I almost put that one my list as well :D

Summer said...

I think it would be a perfect touch for any princess(bride). It would personally be a dream come true for me.

Stasha said...

I know what you will be wearing when you renew the wows :) I hope you and hubby have many fabulous parties to come!

Summer said...

Thank you Stasha!!

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

The irises are lovely. Ellen

Jill said...

The horse and carriage are gorgeous. Love your pic for flowers too. :)

Brandee said...

That is an awesome cake! Such a fun list - I hope you get the things of your dreams. :)

AudreyN said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

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