Going to start something new on my page.  Mondays will now be known as Movie and Music day. Every Monday I will  be posting  1 song and 1 movie from each member of the family that they think is a much check out. It's not always going to be the nest song or movie some may be an oldie but goodie. 

Summer's Loving

1. Song:
Five Finger Death Punch's
Remember Everything

This song has been one of my favorites every since the first time I heard it on youtube.

2. Movie:
Hotel Transylvania

Just by watching the trailer this movie looks like it's loaded with laughs.

James' Picks

1. Song:
Day That Never Comes

2. Movie:
The Campaign


Vinny's Favorites

1. Song
Stone Sour
Gone Sovereign

2. Movie
The Possession


Santana's favs

1. Song
My Chemical Romance

2. Movie:
The House At The End Of The 


Nick's Picks

Green Day
Let Your Self Go

2. Movie:
The Lorax

And there you have it The Perdewcrews favorites.



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