All the Bzzz about OLIA

Not only is it exciting to be a buzz agent and having the opportunity to try new products but I also get to give my totally honest opinion. 

Recently I was offered the opportunity to review the NEW GARNIER OLIA oil powered permanent color. Being that my hair is so thick it makes it almost impossible for me to dye it myself so my very willing daughter happily offered to be my guina pig
We headed off to Walgreens coupon in hand so that she could pick out her new color.
We decided that since spring is right around the corner we would brighten her hair a couple shades. So we went with a medium blonde.
The box contained color tubes to be mixed and the application bottle plus an tube of after conditioner the simple instructions and a pouch with gloves.
I will have to admit my biggest turn off when it comes to home dying kits would have to be finding these super cheaply made gloves. I don't like that they are not form fitting and they always end up sliding off my hands. Thankfully I had a pouch of disposable gloves that I keep for dirty jobs. So on we go
Last year My daughter just had to have hot pink highlights in her hair and yes they were super cute but now they are super hard to get rid of. Months back we went a few shades darker with her hair in hopes of covering the pink. NOPE it's still there as you can see.
And it's on the underside as well
Applying the dye was pretty simple for the most part. I could see who doing alone could be a bit of a challenge because you had to pay quite a bit of attention to the roots. Root coverage wasn't that simple.
Another characteristic I didn't really care for was that as the dye sat on her hair while I was finishing the remainder of her head it seemed to thicken and get stiff. This has never happened with any other dye I have tried before.

It took the entire bottle to do her hair 
It calls for a 30 Minute wait for the dye to set. When it was time to rinse the dye came out super easy and her hair felt so soft. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the pleasant light smell that the dye has. Not some strong chemical smell so that was a bonus. After her hair fully rinsed and conditioned we just couldn't wait for it to dry so we hit it with the blow dryer and her are the end results

The lighting in the picture does not give the actual color justice. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful!!

It's lighter, softer, healthier looking and I am all around pleased with the results.

I would definitely refer this dye to a friend :)

it gets ****s, i subtracted a star because of the cheap gloves. other than that it would have been 5 stars.


The Liebster Blog Award


Hi everyone!  I was nominated by Sugar Plums and Lollipops for the Liebster Award.  Yay!!! You can visit  her wonderful site by clicking on the link above.

Here are the Rules:
1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers or close) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.

1.I am a big music lover!! I've been known to go into full concert mode at any random moment, including and not limited to in the truck driving down the

2.My favoritest color ever is blue

3.I think Clay Matthews lll is super fine :) Go ahead, google him! You just might agree

4.I have always been a major tomboy and enjoy doing stuff with the guys, Although my daughter is slowly reeling me in on some of the girly things.

5.It's very rare that you would ever catch me in anything other than jeans and a tee-shirt.

6.As a little girl I had Shirley temple like curly hair and it drove me crazy but now that I'm older and the curls are gone I kinda wished I had them back.

7.I have a photo obsession. I love taking pictures and have a hard time deleting or throwing away any picture. Example I have A full sized tote in my closet full of developed pictures, many albums, frames of collages covering my walls in the living room and kitchen not to mention having over 20,000 saved in folders on my computer.

8.I find it easier to blog with my head phones in and the music blaring.

9. I am considered left handed because I use it the most when writing but I can actually write with both hands. When it comes to performing any other task I'm right handed. 

10.My husband and I are somewhat like the couple on the old show Green Acers only reversed. He loves the city life and I'm a country girl at heart. I love the peace and quite of the country life with my family and critters.

11. I can finally say for the first time in a very long time I am very comfortable with the choices I have made since the middle of last year and with the life we are living now.

Here are the questions that Sugar Plums and Lollipops wanted answered:

1. What is the most recent book that you've read and how would you rate it?

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton- my son brought this book home to read for his 8th grade English project and enjoyed it so much that he passed it on to me. I have to say I really enjoyed it!! it was better than the movie because it was a bit more descriptive and had parts that would have made the movie even better had they been put in. I'd give it *****'s

2. Where is the one destination that you have or would love to visit?

 I guess I would have to say Mumbai India because that is where I will be going in just a could weeks for my Gastric Bypass surgery. We will also be stopping in Munich Germany for a layover so I hope to get to venture around there for a little.

3. What is your #1 pet peeve?

1 UP'ERS- I can't stand people who have to change their lives when they find out that others are are changing theirs. Or even ones who cant stand when others get something so they must go out and get the same thing just bigger or newer. Example: when I started exercising and eating different to prepare for my surgery quite a few others all of a sudden went on an extreme health craze to better themselves. It may be silly of me to feel that way but it is really a pet peeve to me.

4. What is your favorite holiday and why? 
For me it would be the 4th of July. The weather is almost always nice for cookouts and outside fun, we enjoy having family over to celebrate  with us and lets not forget the fireworks!!

5. Favorite movie of all time?
That one is NOT easy!! I have a few that I could watch over and over. I guess my top 2 would be Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

6. What was the make and color of your first car?
My first driveable car was a light blue Plymouth Horizon 

7. The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
HAHA Well.... With 3 kids I have so many but I guess one that sticks out the most was when my oldest was about 9 months old. I was loading him into his car seat and as I hoisted him over I felt a quick chill. I didn't know it at the time but he had grabbed my shirt just as I had swung him into the car seat and there he was sitting there holding my shirt with me standing there without one. Extremely embarrassing for me.

8. What is your biggest fear?
Right now my biggest fear is not making it to see my children grow old.

9. If you could have one super power what would it be?
The ability to sense lies oh and read people thoughts. that way I would know from get go who to stay away from.

10. What was the last song that you listened to today?
Kix- Don't close your eyes

11. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? LOL

I would say, he would chuck as much as he

Here are my nominees:
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My Questions for my nominees:

1. What is your favorite genre of movie??
2. Describe your weirdest or most special pet..
3.  Are you a sports fan?? if yes who do you pull for??
4. Why did you start blogging??
5. Who inspires you and why??
6. One unforgettable memory..
7. One quark about you??
8. Favorite comfort food?? 
9. Something the just urks your nerves??
10. Most addicted to show?? 
11. Most used phrase or word??

Looking forward to reading all your responses :)


HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY TO MY (not so) BABYBOY.... pregnancy stories ahead

 IT's hard to believe 11 years ago today my little family became complete with the birth of this little fella right here.
Every mom has her tale of childbirth and most love to tell it. Well I'm no different. Mine may not be the best or the easiest or even exciting but they are mine so buckle up, here we go :)...........

Honestly as bad as my first two pregnancy's were I was surprised I even had a third. Although he wasn't the hardest on my body he was definitely the hardest on my heart. The day I found out I was pregnant with him was a total shock. I went to an appointment to talk about having a tubal performed an to hopefully find out why I was so out of energy and just wanting to sleep all the time. With a 2 year old and a 10 month old at home sleeping all day is just out of the question. Not long after having my blood drawn my doctor came back in the room with a big smile on her face and yep, you guessed my Little Nickel pie was already in the oven baking. I was relieved to know that nothing was wrong but honestly worried about this new journey that was about to begin.

 My first pregnancy was basically 42 weeks of major morning sickness followed by 48 hours of hard labor, another hour of pushing while still throwing up, the mid-wife having to turn him because he was coming out facing the wrong direction which caused his cord to tighten around his neck and before he came out his heart had stopped. Being a first time mom I had only seen child birth in the movies so I assumed he would come out and cry his first big cry then I would cry and it would be happy even after. Not in my case. He came out blackish blue and he was limp when the mid-wife laid him on my chest for a split second, before she ran him over to a bed. All the while reassuring me he was just fine. I knew in my soul something was wrong by the way everyone was rushing, not to mention the look of sheer horror on my husband and mothers faces, while watching them jobbing tubes in his nose and mouth and then finally as they rolled in the little paddles that they laid on his chest that jolted his tiny body. Very shortly after the first horrifying jolt I heard one of the sweetest sounds I could possibly hear. It was a quite crackle of a tiny cry. HE WAS ALIVE I heard the cry. One of the greatest feelings was when they laid that sweet little boy in my arms and he looked up at me with his eyes wide open. Only after every thing was done and his apgar score was at a 2 they finally filled me in on the whole story.
VINNY-7lbs 14oz and 21ins long

My second pregnancy wasn't that much better. It consisted of another 9 months of horrible morning sickness that I ended up loosing 70lbs. I forever had ketones in almost every urinalysis. throughout the entire 44 weeks.. That's right!! I carried this little girl for 44 weeks. Every time they went to measure her she was to small and the ultra sound at 42 weeks showed her to only be 2 lbs. and I know it's give or take a couple pounds but I'm only stating what the mid-wife and OB told me. I was told they would not induce because she would end up having to stay in the hospital until she was 5 pounds so they said it was better that she stay where she was so she could grow a bit more. The last 8 weeks of pregnancy consisted of bi weekly and then weekly non-stress tests at the hospital and then after 40 weeks it was twice a week. Finally she was ready!! As before labor started at night. In all I labored for 15 hours with her. I remember it not being anywhere as painful as with Vinny. I walked the halls with a smile on my face. I had not wanted an epidural but allowed myself to be talked into it by my (super hot) OB. I have to admit it was intimidating having such a handsome young OB but all that was easily over looked when it was time for my girly to arrive. It was kinda funny how it all played out. Even though I had gotten the epidural it had not taken right so I ended up only being numb from my knees to my toes (so I felt everything, I just couldn't walk..LOL) Ryan my OB assumed it was going to take awhile so he decided to go to the office and just wait for the page that I was ready. Well it didn't work that way. Very shortly after he left a nurse came in to check me and discovered she was ready.  She paged the Dr. then shortly after sent him a 911 page and she herself started to prepare to deliver Santana herself. Finally Ryan walked in put on his gloves and attempted to check me. His expression changed and he quickly started suiting up telling me not to move a muscle she was right there... Finally he was ready, it only took two pushes and my very tiny, pink, and vocal baby girl was laying on my belly.
SANTANA-6lbs 0ozs and 16ins long

Now on to my birthday boy. As I said before he was a total surprise and really a blessing in disguise. This pregnancy was not like the others before I didn't have morning sickness as bad with him although I did loose weight again. All was going pretty well till the blood work the doctors office did when I was 17 weeks(the AFP test). I don't remember having that blood work the the first two times.  About a week after having my blood taken for the AFP tests I received a call from the nurse instructing me to come in the following morning because the OB needed to speak with me. Scared out of my mind I walk into my Dr.'s conference room where he proceeds to inform myself and my husband (at the time) that the blood work came back and that Nick had tested positive for downs syndrome and spina bifida. I was floored. I couldn't control my tears as they ran down my face at the thought of my poor little fella having such a challenging life. The Dr. told us he would be sending us to Forsyth Hospital to have some new 3-D ultra sound. That way they could get a closer look at him and then go on from there. We walked out of the office in silence. My mind was racing about possibly getting prepared for a special child while not knowing what his dad was thinking. It wasn't long before I found out just exactly what he was thinking. That night my husband brought up the topic of abortion. I myself have NEVER believed in it and was truly shattered that he had even brought up the topic. He continued on about how we already had 2 wonderful healthy children and that this one would be better off not being born because he would just suffer. He persuaded me to just make an appointment ( too this day I am still filled with shame that I even considered that option) at the crisis pregnancy center so that I could talk to someone about what I was feeling and what he wanted to do. Going in I still felt that god had put him there to be my baby and there was a reason for it all. When my name was called Alex and I both got up but the lady asked him to stay in the waiting room. I walked down the long hallway listening to the echo of each step I took knowing that I didn't want to be there. After finally entering an empty room the lady motioned for me to sit on a couch in front of a tv.  She spoke briefly about the option of abortion in which I told her that my heart wasn't really into it and that it was my husband that had decided it was what was best for us. She got up walked over and turned the tv on. Across the screen appeared a few words but the only one I could see was ABORTION in big bold letters. I started crying the moment the video stated and before the procedure really even got started I was begging the lady to cut it off. I left that building with my mind made up. Regardless of what I was going to face in the future this little guy was going to live his life to the fullest. Finally in the car I told Alex that I refused to go through with it. With no love or care in his voice I was told that if this baby came out with anything wrong that he would walk away and never look back. With that being said I knew my marriage and any love that I had ever felt for him was gone at that very moment. The following week I went to Forsyth with my mother for the ultra sound. Spina Bifida was ruled out but they couldn't tell me for sure if he had downs. The ride home I felt quite a bit better, feeling that maybe this wasn't going to be to hard to do on my own after all. Next came the amnio. Definitely something I never want to relive again. Waiting seemed to take forever but it came back positive. The rest of the pregnancy I read as much as I could about downs syndrome and caring for a child with it. I wanted to be as prepared and as knowledgeable as I possibly could for my sons birth. Finally the big day arrived. Once again I labored in all 15 hours this time with no pain meds what so even, not even to take the edge off. When it came time to push the real anxiety hit. So many emotions running wild. Was I going to be a suitable mother, was I ready... well ready or not here he came. My beautiful butterball arrived with a big strong loud cry. He sounded and looks perfect. It was love at first site. I never noticed anything different about him compared to any another baby. That is until I heard Alex say "Something is wrong." He moved Nicks head to the side to show me a growth that was attacked to the side of his neck. I didn't care all I knew was that my baby was ok. The next morning a specialist came in to see Nick and told me so many big words about what that growth could be. He scheduled for us to come in after we were released from the hospital. The first appointment was basically to inform me that he didn't believe nick was in any pain from the growth but that it had to be removed and that since he didn't like putting little babies to sleep unless absolutely necessary he wanted to postpone surgery till nick was 6 months old. I don't remember ever purposely not taking pictures of the growth but looking back it was always covered up of tucked into the collar of his out fit. It felt like decades had passed but the day of nicks surgery came. During pre-op the surgeon prepared me for what may or may not happen. I was told that they had no clue what they were up against till they got in there, that they had no idea how long it was going to take. It all depended on what it was attached too and they would find that out when they opened him up. I was also told that he may have trouble with speech when he got older because of where it was and that him face my draw on one side. I held him in my arms all the way to the operating room and felt like I was falling apart as I unwantingly handed him over. I tried to walk the best I could but my mother had to help me to the waiting room. I  had never felt so weak and helpless in my life. Hours went by and I jumped right out of the chair when I heard a very familiar cry. I didn't notice the other people in the room when I yelled to my mother "THAT'S NICK" The surgeon came around the corner and before he could tell me anything I just blurted out "That's Nick crying he needs me". I was right it was nick. The surgery had gone well. The had removed all of the growth and had sent it off to be tested. He told me I could go on and head of to Nick's room and that he should be there by the time I get NOPE I beat them there and had to sit and wait. He came in squealing his little head off. With a drainage coming out of his neck and a board strapped to his arm to hold in the IV. He seemed to instantly calm as soon at he was laid in my arms and I believe that where he stayed the whole week he was there. The day after being released from the hospital I took him for his follow up with the surgeon to make sure everything was healing great and to find out the test results. Come to find out My little Nick was supposed to have had a conjoined twin and that nick (as the doctor stated) hogged all the nutrition preventing the other baby from developing fully and that after further testing they discovered that the growth was causing all the other test to come back positive. To this day Nick is a bright and loving young man who has been in speech since he was 4 and is now in the 4th grade and talking very well although he still has to take speech twice a week so that he can continue to improve. He still has the big scar along the side of his neck from his surgery but he doesn't look at it as a negative thing he actually enjoys telling his war story. Sometime I look at him and think if I hadn't followed my heart I would have missed out on such a wonderful person and would have robbed him of this life he was meant to live.  God works in mysterious ways and he sure is great :)
NICK-7lbs 9ozs and 23ins long

M.L. The nose knows- 10 lovely smells


YEA!! Being the lover of fragrances that I am I'm loveing this weeks topic of 10 smells that I love. And of course I always enjoy linking up with Northwestmommy for the Monday Listicles.

10 Smells my nose knows it loves

I'm going to start of with my perfumes :)

1. My number one most favorite fragrance is....... 
Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy!!

2.  And my most recent purchase is another one by Juicy Couture
Viva La Juicy La Flewr

3. Paris Hiltons' Heiress

4. Paris Hiltons' Tease

5. Britney Spears' Fantasy
Now onto the smells around the house.

6. Strawberries!! I love my oil burners and keep them going almost all the time.

7. Vanilla oil

8. Betty Crocker home fragrance candles: Sugar cookie Yum!!

9. Yankee Candle: Clean Cotton
Nothing like the smell of clean sheets

10. Lemon scent Pine-Sol
I love the smell of a clean house

And there you have it the top 10 smells that make my nose happy :)