Scrimmage Thursday


Thursday was Such an exciting day for me. Vinny has always talked about wanting to play football. Long ago he tried rec ball but it just wasn't the right time.

I know I've talked about how proud I was that he made his middle school team but it all became real Thursday when he played his first scrimmage game. At first when I got there and saw the size of the boys on the four other teams I got so nervous. Vinny may be tall but these other boys looked like they belonged in high school already and I know most of them out weighted him by at least 30 or more pounds. Needless to say I said my little prayer that he would make it out with little to no injuries.

Nick watching with his brother, he can't wait to follow in his footsteps
Being his first year I know he would less likely make first string and the coaches said that in order to get playing time they had to impress them. well Vinny's time to shine finally came and out he ran. He did exactly as he was taught and even got in a tackle. Needless to say I am of course his biggest

Not going to jump the gun but Friday when I 
went to pick him up from practice I overheard 
the couch tell him that he is going to let him 
tryout to be the kicker for special teams Tuesday 
to go along with his other position. Keeping my 
fingers crossed. First real game is next week!!!

GO BULLDOGS!!! and go Vinny!!

Sucker for a memory

Hi again and Happy Wednesday to all!! Another hectic day of cleaning, running errands, football practice, homework, and project working under my belt. It's been pretty crazy around here lately with school starting back up. Hopefully in about a month all will be on a smooth routine.

We're so excited that Vinny will be having his first scrimmage game tomorrow with his 8th grade football team. GO WEST!! He's always loved football but this is the first year he has really put his heart into it and we can't wait to see how well he (and the others) play against the other teams.

 Not only that he has starting trying to self teach himself to play the guitar. Personally I think he is getting better. This year has really been a big year for him. I can't believe how much he has matured. James claims it's the girls but I think he's just starting to use the head on his shoulders and realizing it's time to stop playing around and be serious about things. Just today on the way home from practice he was telling me about how he wants to join more sports and keep up with his band so that he will be able to make his college application look good. I'm just so proud.

Sometimes I feel a little stir crazy so I take on more tasks to keep myself busy only to end up feeling overwhelmed in the end. Over a week ago I won a free book on shutterfly. All I had to do was create a book of my liking and they will send it to me as an 8x8 hardcover. Well that seemed simple enough. I started out with the idea of making a book about my family, you know start at the beginning and have pictures from then till now. Just adding info and cute sayings. What a job that turned out to be. First I realized I had never scanned in any of my oldest sons baby pictures, then I realized there were other pictures I wanted to use that I had never scanned.  Then it turned out that I didn't like how my folders were organized in my computer. So I decided to do a complete overhaul of all my pictures.  Now I wanted the pictures in folders by years and not by families and individual persons.

 First I started by dragging ALL my thousands of pictures ( I admit I love taking pictures ALOT!!) out of hiding and started putting them in order by year. Well that was a challenge in itself. In order to do that I had to figure out which pictures went with which year.
See already I was thinking too hard and turned one project into two separate projects. In order to figure out which pictures went to which years I had to figure out at years we lived where and what schools the kids were at the time. Thank goodness we have only moved 4 times. Sounds like a lot of work but I've already started so I might as well finish. I got a really cleaver idea to buy accordion folders to put my pictures in to keep them organized and out of the way once I get them scanned

These folders I bought from wal-mart for only $6. They are not only really sturdy but they also have zippers which is really great for keepin dust out. I can't wait to finally get all this organized and put My poor room looks like a hurricane swept through it. I just hope I don't burn my scanner up before I finish. Wish me luck!!


Just another taco tuesday

    Today was such a crazy Tuesday. It started off good. James and the kids all sat down at the table for breakfast before the bus came. All book bags were packed and waiting by the door and all hygiene was taken care of. But then again that was the morning. I for one have always been a night owl and the fact that my husband works nights makes it even harder for me to try to sleep so I sleep during the day with him while the kids are at school. Well anyway I knew I should have crawled back into bed when I realized I had forgotten to set something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner. I got up greeted Nick when he got home and looked for something to fix. Yep, you guessed it NOTHING was going to be fixable in the 2 hours left so I figured I better just head on to the store to pick something up. Low and behold before I get out the door sis gets home with loads of homework (this is only the 2nd day mind you) No store trip for me.

 James wakes about an hour later kinda in an ill mood because he his back was hurting. He calls me to the room with a little bit a concern in his voice only to point out a HUGE wasp nest he found in the window over my side of the bed. Not waiting around I ran outside looking for something to get them out of our room and quick.

    I couldn't find anything and not waiting on James to figure out plan B I kinda snuck over and lowered the window, covered the nest from falling into our room and hit it hard hoping it would land outside. Any other day it would have but not this Tuesday. It landed on the window and boy were those wasps pissed. All I remember is running and jumping off the bed as fast as my chunky legs could take me only to corner one of james cases with my toe. I do remember getting out of the room and looking back to see if I had left my toe behind because it sure felt like it had been ripped off. Luckily it was still there. I gave the wasps a little time to cool down and went in for round two. Thankfully this time I got it out and the bees followed.

I guess the way my day was going I figured I better check the fluids in the truck too and wouldn't you've  guessed it there wasn't a drop of oil on the dip stick. Thank god I had not driven James to work without checking. So off to the store we go to get OIL and his dinner for work. Thankfully My ex was on duty to pick Vinny up from practice or I would have really been in hysterics. Rambling on I finally got everything situated and James to work on time. Only to get back home to a daughter who was where I had left her on her homework (she didn't do any after I left)

By the time I got home Vinny was just walking in the door from practice and was boasting about some good plays he had made and that the couches were proud of him. Once again I had to focus on Santana and her homework that she was trying her best to avoid. If this is a peek at how this year is going to go with her and her homework . Lets just say it's not going to be pretty. Long story short I finally got her to finish and off to the store we went to get our dinner. I went in with tacos in mind and came out spending $60.  Good grief food is so high now days. 

Finally home, dinner fixed we sat down and filled our bellies. shortly after was bed and time for this mamma to finally get to cleaning. And that was my terrible Taco Tuesday.


Meet the Perdewcrew!!!

Hello to everyone and welcome to my little page.

What a day it has been!! THe kids had their second day back to school. Hubby got up late and that of course sent everything into a whirlwind  of rushing to get everything done and lastly I thought I would never figure out some of the little tweaks to this

 Well let me start off with telling you a tad about my little Perdewcrew.

 My name is Summer. I am married to the most wonderful man for me and his name is James.

 He is unfortunately my second husband but lol everybody makes mistakes. I did bring 3 wonderful children out of that marriage so it wasn't all a failure. Anywhoo.

My oldest is Vinny. He just started football and 8th grade. He is very quick witted and loves to read books.  Most of which are even out of my league. He, like his younger brother are both gameaholoics.

 My middle child is my true mini-me. My daughter Santana. She is cut from the same mold, poor girl! Just like her mother she is a major tomboy, loves football and anything the boys can do she can do better. On the other hand unlike her mother she is very stylish. I am your original jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl as where sis can come up with the cutest outfits and do her own hair. She just started 6th grade and band. She will be learning to play the flute.

Lastly my youngest Nick. He is my little cut up. He loves being my little snuggle buddy and I for one enjoy the fact that I still have one. My kids are growing so fast it's hard to image that they will eventually be leaving this nest. Nick loves football, so far he is loving school. but then again it's only his second day and he hasn't had any homework yet either. He loves his games, eating his mamma's cooking ( so he boasts) and just loves family time.

 I myself love taking pictures (I an aholoic), I enjoy baking, doing things with my kids and/or husband, crafts, home improvements -I love to paint..walls that is not pictures. I read when I get the chance. sometimes it takes me a month or two just to finish a novel. Right now I'm still reading The Help. I facebook ALOT!! and when it comes to sayings, ideas, or current evens I am a copy and paste queen. Ohh and I almost for got. They call me Ellie May because I love my critters. With now we have 2 pitbulls.

Isis is our silly but lazy American pitbull terrier.

Then we have our male. His name is Nyne (nine). If you were ever to meet this fella you would swear this dog honestly believes he is human. He would prefer to sit at the dinner table in a chair with a plate when everyone else is sitting than to have his foot in a bowl on the floor. he has to sleep in the bed, again not on the floor. just so many things he does human like it's astounding.

Next we have my insane kitty Spunky. The killer of all creatures medium and small that makes the mistake of coming into our yard. I tried making Spunky a house cat at one time but he hated it and made his way outside. We call him Hannibal spunk because of the way he proudly displays his work for us to see.

Other than our four beta fish we have Hammy my little hamster. When I first told my husband I wanted to get a hamster he totally refused. James has a thing against rodents of any kind. But after a bit of pouting (i'm not proud ;)) I got my way. I love my little fat rat he runs around in his little ball and shoves so much food in his little pouches that he can hardly fit up his little pipe to his bed. He is fun to watch and I love the funny faces James makes every time I get him out and hold him.

Ok, well that's our family so far :)