A Quick Blurb

I know I've already made quite a few steps in this journey towards a better future but I will always think of today as the day it all began.

Today I officially start my pre-op diet that will last for two whole weeks and then my friend and I will be boarding a plane on our way to Mumbai India!!

I have to admit it's going to take a lot of will power to stick with this diet. But I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end. A little over a week ago my case manager called to talk about scheduling my flight and surgery and we got it scheduled for me to leave April 2nd and have my surgery on the 4th. Before I hung up she told me to go ahead and start my pre-op diet on March 14th. To be honest I hadn't bought the things on my list to start so I decided to put it off to the next day. On the 15th I ate what was required and drank my protein shakes but didn't have my meal replacement shakes (I know shame on me) for some reason I kept psyching myself out. It's like my brain was telling my stomach it was going to be nasty. Luckily that evening my nutritionist called and informed me that I was actually supposed to start my pre-op diet today March 18th. 

Ran out of time. But will have a part two as soon as the kids go to bed. :)

MHO Monday Mingle: GOALS

This Week's Theme: Goals
1. Do you believe setting goals are important in life?
I do believe goals are very important in life. I've setting a lot of goals lately.
2. Do you set time tables for your goals? If so is there one goal you are determined to meet in 2013?
Right now with my surgery being two weeks away I am not really setting a time table. Right now my goals are as simple as training myself to eats 3 times a day and to make sure I take my supplement EVERYDAY!! I guess my only goal that I hope to achieve in 2013 would be to find a job that I enjoy.
3. Are there any past goals that you are proud to announce you have met?
Yes, I decided to make a few major life changing (improving) goals last year. I had come to my breaking point and was fed up with feeling  hurt and taken advantage of so. I realized that it was just making my life miserable. Drama was on going. I set one goal to get the people who were causing these problem out of my life and I DID IT!!!! YAY!!
the rest of my goals are still in the works 
4. If you have children, are you teaching them about, and helping them make goals for the future?
*Vinny's goal is to bring up his average in social studies before the next progress report.
*My daughter Santana is working on her goal of making the football team at her school.
*Nick's goal is to read and test on at least one AR book a week. 
*Right now one goal they are all working toward as a unit is their recycling of cans. They collect them, clean them, crush them, and are storing them till they collect enough bags to fill the back of our truck. Then they get to take them to the salvage yard to sell them. They have set a goal to make enough money to pay for the family to go on vacation.
5. Do you have a bucket list? have you started to work toward any of the goals on it yet?
I do have a bucket list. Some things I have already checked off, some I will be checking off soon, and others I will work toward in the future.

Just Like Dynamite He Blows Me Away

Back again for my weekly link up with the ever enjoyable Monday Listicles hosted by 

The weeks topic "10 reasons my partner is awesome" was one of the easiest for me. I could truly go on and on about the wonderful person he is and the things he does for me and others but the list is limited to 10 so I'll just blurb some out. 

1. I'll just start this list off with the most obvious. His physical features rawrrr :). You know the old saying that there is someone out there for everybody. Well I honestly believe James was the one that was made just for me. He is every physical characteristic of a man that I love!! From his strawberry blonde hair and amazing hypnotic green eyes to his perfect height and  Popeye muscle bulging arms. After 10 wonderful years he can still give me butterflies.

2.  He is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

3. His inner child- He is so fun to be around. His mind is always racing with ways to improve and/or make things fun. for example: He built a city in the back yard with my youngest using bricks for the skyscrapers, mortar for the roads, and a bridge out of Popsicle sticks. It was truly amazing to look at and he did it all for my son to play with his hot wheels. He and my daughter build a dollhouse from scratch with working lights and carpeted floors. That project got started all because she mentioned that she would like to have a dollhouse.

4. He has helped turn so many of my dreams into reality. Weather it's something as small as always wanting to own a boxer to something a huge as becoming a stronger person from the inside out he has been there to help in any way possible. I can also add to the list that he is the one that made my trip to India for the Gastric Bypass Surgery possible.

5. When I go into hysterics as if the world has ended he's calm as a cucumber and ready to take charge of the situation.

6. He is not a cheater!! Any man that doesn't cheat gets major props in my book. In this day in age there are more and more unfaithful partners and I'm so lucky to have one that is totally against being unfaithful.

7. He supports all my hair brained ideas. 

8. Breakfast in bed and it's not even my birthday.

9. He may not be the father but he is an AWESOME dad to my children.
10. He is an extremely hard worker and he does it not for recognition but because that's just the man that he is.

Sunday Social time again!!

Sunday Social
YAY!! here I am again!
 I seem to be staying busythese days, I'm honestly getting on here and posting when ever I get enough quite time to sit down and think. Which seems to be few and far between these days. I still in the works of potty training my sweet little puppy, And keeping up with my busy little family.

Any whoo, linking up again with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social.

This weeks questions are: 

1. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Staying our jammies, Popping popcorn and snuggling on the couch with the kids for a movie marathon, 3D movies are the best!! or Super fun Just Dance (Wii) battles or any other interactive games. Buzz is one of our favorites for the PS3.

2. Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend??

Around here summer time Can get very hot and when its hot the humidity can be unbearable. One the Super hot days we try to stay in and treat it like a rainy day or head to the science center, but when the weather is tolerable we like to go canoeing,fishing, spending the day in nature or just lounging at the house in the pool
3. Favorite Spring accessory??
I'm not to into accessorizing being the jeans and tee shirt kinda gal that I am but I honestly must have my tootsies painted bright and sparkly and I sport my sandals as long as possible.
4. Favorite way to spend a Winter day??

It very rarely snows enough here for anything. We have been lucky I thing twice in the past 3 or 4 years. So sledding, snowmen, and snowballs fights are basically out of the question. during the cold months we try to do indoor activities like bowling skating and taking in a movie
5. What is your favorite season and why??
Spring is my favorite season. It's not to hot or to cold and it's when everything is coming back to life in nature. Being the photo fanatic that I am spring makes the most beautiful pictures and natural back grounds in pictures,, Well fall does too because of all the colors of the leaves and such.
6. Best birthday you ever had??

I don't honestly remember one as a favorite. I have a couple that stick out in my memory. One I remember fondly was when I was I believe 5. It was one where almost all my family was there and it was a happy time. The 2nd would have to be around the age of 9 it was the only birthday that I can remember that my dad was there. The 3rd and last Birthday memory that I hold on to is from 2010 when my daughter (then 8yrs old) Surprised me with breakfast. she had a little help from my mother in law but it was 100% her idea.
But the surprise didn't end there. James had to work that night so I didn't expect doing anything but again my daughter made sure that wasn't going to happen. She went with her grandma to the store and got me a cake (in total secrecy )and after dinner the As I was folding clothes they came around with it. I couldn't hold back the tears..I'm such a lush..lol