A DATE IS SET....YAY!!!!!!

I'm a bit late on posting this but boy have I been busy.  I finally got my passport approved and it arrived Saturday 2/23 which made my day. We finally got to have our niece and nephew over for the weekend for the first time since before Halloween due to my sister-in-laws little meltdown. But anywhoo having them here was great and then to have my passport arrive made it amazing!!

I got with my friend and co traveler the following Wednesday to fill out our Visa Applications and sent those off last Friday 3/1.. With every step I make towards this trip I get just a bit more nervous  It's like every time something gets approved it all becomes more real to me. At first I had the attitude that it was all to good to be true. Amazing things like this just aren't out there for regular people like me. Then I got the referral. So I told myself to go for it. After receiving my packet for my passport applications I began to think that something was going to get in the way and I was just getting my hopes of for nothing but the passports were approved and now we're on to the last step before setting the date. Still in the back of my head I kind of feel like Alice in Wonderland wondering if I'm just going to wake up from this land of make believe. So you could now just imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from my case manager this morning. She told me that it will take about 2 weeks to get the visa back but we were going to go ahead and schedule my trip. I honestly felt like I had just answered the door to Ed McMahon holding the big check. 

In the very back of my mind I still am a tad reluctant to let myself believe that this is really happening. But never the less I'm extremely excited and filled with butterflies. As it stands right now my friend and I will be leaving April 2nd for Mumbai India. We will be stopping over in either Munich or Frankfurt Germany on the way there and back.  It's also exciting because I'm not only getting to go to one country. We'll be stepping foot into two countries. The layover will be for 3 hours which gives a little time for site seeing too :)
Mumbai is where I will be going
Here is the hospital 
A look at one of the patient rooms
 I've been told that the entire trip one way is going to take 24 hours. So even thought we are leaving April 2nd we will not arrive until the 3rd and then my surgery will be done on the 4th. Of course I'm expecting things to go well without any complications and if it does we will be gone for two weeks which means we will be getting back on the plane to return home on the 16th. I will have more to tell as the date gets closer. Right now I just thought I'd let it out that I HAVE A DATE FINALLY SET!!!! YAY!! For now it's sticking with my diet, exercising, and WATER,WATER,WATER. Soon I will be starting my pre-op diet and when that starts I'll fill you all in a bet more. Bye for now :)


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