M.L. The nose knows- 10 lovely smells


YEA!! Being the lover of fragrances that I am I'm loveing this weeks topic of 10 smells that I love. And of course I always enjoy linking up with Northwestmommy for the Monday Listicles.

10 Smells my nose knows it loves

I'm going to start of with my perfumes :)

1. My number one most favorite fragrance is....... 
Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy!!

2.  And my most recent purchase is another one by Juicy Couture
Viva La Juicy La Flewr

3. Paris Hiltons' Heiress

4. Paris Hiltons' Tease

5. Britney Spears' Fantasy
Now onto the smells around the house.

6. Strawberries!! I love my oil burners and keep them going almost all the time.

7. Vanilla oil

8. Betty Crocker home fragrance candles: Sugar cookie Yum!!

9. Yankee Candle: Clean Cotton
Nothing like the smell of clean sheets

10. Lemon scent Pine-Sol
I love the smell of a clean house

And there you have it the top 10 smells that make my nose happy :)


Paul Craig said...

I was with you right until the last. I hate the smell of Pine Sol (Maybe that's why my house isn't as clean as it could be LOL)

Yona Williams said...

Oh YES - I love that Clean Cotton scent...I like that extremely fresh scent when I enter a room.

Strawberries do smell really good - especially in the summertime.

I put chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven on my list, but sugar cookies smell really good too!

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