MHO Monday Mingle

This Week's Theme: DRAMA

This Week's Questions:

1. What does the word DRAMA mean to you?

Trouble!! I believe those that cause drama are ones who are seeking attention and cause trouble is the only way they seem to find that attention or the fact that they are so unhappy that they feeling need to cause trouble to make others fight because seeing others fight is what makes them happy. I have a few family members on both sides that love creating drama

2. Do you like DRAMA in your life?

I hate it!! I have come to a point that I now avoid anyone who is known to cause drama. If I have to stay in my room just to avoid them I will.

3. What is the biggest DRAMA ordeal you've been in?

Oh gah there are so many. I've been brought into the middle of so much I don't even try to think about it anymore. This year I have turned over a new leaf so those days are all in the past where they are going to stay.

4. Do you know someone who loves DRAMA? Who is it?

YES!! I choose not to name names because more than likely most of them are reading this and they know who they are and singling them out would just start more drama :)

5. How do you avoid DRAMA in your life?  

Just stay away when ever possible.

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