Scrimmage Thursday


Thursday was Such an exciting day for me. Vinny has always talked about wanting to play football. Long ago he tried rec ball but it just wasn't the right time.

I know I've talked about how proud I was that he made his middle school team but it all became real Thursday when he played his first scrimmage game. At first when I got there and saw the size of the boys on the four other teams I got so nervous. Vinny may be tall but these other boys looked like they belonged in high school already and I know most of them out weighted him by at least 30 or more pounds. Needless to say I said my little prayer that he would make it out with little to no injuries.

Nick watching with his brother, he can't wait to follow in his footsteps
Being his first year I know he would less likely make first string and the coaches said that in order to get playing time they had to impress them. well Vinny's time to shine finally came and out he ran. He did exactly as he was taught and even got in a tackle. Needless to say I am of course his biggest

Not going to jump the gun but Friday when I 
went to pick him up from practice I overheard 
the couch tell him that he is going to let him 
tryout to be the kicker for special teams Tuesday 
to go along with his other position. Keeping my 
fingers crossed. First real game is next week!!!

GO BULLDOGS!!! and go Vinny!!


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