Meet the Perdewcrew!!!

Hello to everyone and welcome to my little page.

What a day it has been!! THe kids had their second day back to school. Hubby got up late and that of course sent everything into a whirlwind  of rushing to get everything done and lastly I thought I would never figure out some of the little tweaks to this

 Well let me start off with telling you a tad about my little Perdewcrew.

 My name is Summer. I am married to the most wonderful man for me and his name is James.

 He is unfortunately my second husband but lol everybody makes mistakes. I did bring 3 wonderful children out of that marriage so it wasn't all a failure. Anywhoo.

My oldest is Vinny. He just started football and 8th grade. He is very quick witted and loves to read books.  Most of which are even out of my league. He, like his younger brother are both gameaholoics.

 My middle child is my true mini-me. My daughter Santana. She is cut from the same mold, poor girl! Just like her mother she is a major tomboy, loves football and anything the boys can do she can do better. On the other hand unlike her mother she is very stylish. I am your original jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl as where sis can come up with the cutest outfits and do her own hair. She just started 6th grade and band. She will be learning to play the flute.

Lastly my youngest Nick. He is my little cut up. He loves being my little snuggle buddy and I for one enjoy the fact that I still have one. My kids are growing so fast it's hard to image that they will eventually be leaving this nest. Nick loves football, so far he is loving school. but then again it's only his second day and he hasn't had any homework yet either. He loves his games, eating his mamma's cooking ( so he boasts) and just loves family time.

 I myself love taking pictures (I an aholoic), I enjoy baking, doing things with my kids and/or husband, crafts, home improvements -I love to paint..walls that is not pictures. I read when I get the chance. sometimes it takes me a month or two just to finish a novel. Right now I'm still reading The Help. I facebook ALOT!! and when it comes to sayings, ideas, or current evens I am a copy and paste queen. Ohh and I almost for got. They call me Ellie May because I love my critters. With now we have 2 pitbulls.

Isis is our silly but lazy American pitbull terrier.

Then we have our male. His name is Nyne (nine). If you were ever to meet this fella you would swear this dog honestly believes he is human. He would prefer to sit at the dinner table in a chair with a plate when everyone else is sitting than to have his foot in a bowl on the floor. he has to sleep in the bed, again not on the floor. just so many things he does human like it's astounding.

Next we have my insane kitty Spunky. The killer of all creatures medium and small that makes the mistake of coming into our yard. I tried making Spunky a house cat at one time but he hated it and made his way outside. We call him Hannibal spunk because of the way he proudly displays his work for us to see.

Other than our four beta fish we have Hammy my little hamster. When I first told my husband I wanted to get a hamster he totally refused. James has a thing against rodents of any kind. But after a bit of pouting (i'm not proud ;)) I got my way. I love my little fat rat he runs around in his little ball and shoves so much food in his little pouches that he can hardly fit up his little pipe to his bed. He is fun to watch and I love the funny faces James makes every time I get him out and hold him.

Ok, well that's our family so far :)



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