Just another taco tuesday

    Today was such a crazy Tuesday. It started off good. James and the kids all sat down at the table for breakfast before the bus came. All book bags were packed and waiting by the door and all hygiene was taken care of. But then again that was the morning. I for one have always been a night owl and the fact that my husband works nights makes it even harder for me to try to sleep so I sleep during the day with him while the kids are at school. Well anyway I knew I should have crawled back into bed when I realized I had forgotten to set something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner. I got up greeted Nick when he got home and looked for something to fix. Yep, you guessed it NOTHING was going to be fixable in the 2 hours left so I figured I better just head on to the store to pick something up. Low and behold before I get out the door sis gets home with loads of homework (this is only the 2nd day mind you) No store trip for me.

 James wakes about an hour later kinda in an ill mood because he his back was hurting. He calls me to the room with a little bit a concern in his voice only to point out a HUGE wasp nest he found in the window over my side of the bed. Not waiting around I ran outside looking for something to get them out of our room and quick.

    I couldn't find anything and not waiting on James to figure out plan B I kinda snuck over and lowered the window, covered the nest from falling into our room and hit it hard hoping it would land outside. Any other day it would have but not this Tuesday. It landed on the window and boy were those wasps pissed. All I remember is running and jumping off the bed as fast as my chunky legs could take me only to corner one of james cases with my toe. I do remember getting out of the room and looking back to see if I had left my toe behind because it sure felt like it had been ripped off. Luckily it was still there. I gave the wasps a little time to cool down and went in for round two. Thankfully this time I got it out and the bees followed.

I guess the way my day was going I figured I better check the fluids in the truck too and wouldn't you've  guessed it there wasn't a drop of oil on the dip stick. Thank god I had not driven James to work without checking. So off to the store we go to get OIL and his dinner for work. Thankfully My ex was on duty to pick Vinny up from practice or I would have really been in hysterics. Rambling on I finally got everything situated and James to work on time. Only to get back home to a daughter who was where I had left her on her homework (she didn't do any after I left)

By the time I got home Vinny was just walking in the door from practice and was boasting about some good plays he had made and that the couches were proud of him. Once again I had to focus on Santana and her homework that she was trying her best to avoid. If this is a peek at how this year is going to go with her and her homework . Lets just say it's not going to be pretty. Long story short I finally got her to finish and off to the store we went to get our dinner. I went in with tacos in mind and came out spending $60.  Good grief food is so high now days. 

Finally home, dinner fixed we sat down and filled our bellies. shortly after was bed and time for this mamma to finally get to cleaning. And that was my terrible Taco Tuesday.



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