I don't know about you But I get so anxious this time of year. I absolutely LOVE the fair.

Yummy funnel cakes
Sausage with peppers and onions
carni stands full of teeth rotting sweets
Caramel Apples
Nachos drowned in cheese 
and who can forget the Fried oreos

It's not only the rides that draws this family. We love the super greasy sugar filled extremely unhealthy carni food.

It's sad that a family of 5 has to pay $30 just to get in the gates. Nothing is free so I don't understand why admission can not be free. I mean really. We paid $50 just to ride the rides after the admission fee. It's terrible the price you must pay for a family to have fun. Anyhoo

$30 Fair admission,

$40 Sweet greasy goodness

$50 for tickets to ride the rides

Seeing the sheer terror in your little ones faces while they scream their heads off while riding the big rides for the first time PRICELESS!!!!!

her first time on the swings

same for nick
got her eye closed tight

riding the enterprise

enterprise- James and Santana are in the car above me
Can you tell who has the queasy belly 

getting ready to ride the scariest ride there the cyclopes 

getting ready to ride the X-factor 

Jumping of the X-factor 

Last ride of the night
The whole night was filled with great family fun and the kids had a blast.
you know you had a great time when this is the ride home

Hope to do it again in a couple weeks in Greensboro at a bigger better fair.


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