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Hi again and Happy Wednesday to all!! Another hectic day of cleaning, running errands, football practice, homework, and project working under my belt. It's been pretty crazy around here lately with school starting back up. Hopefully in about a month all will be on a smooth routine.

We're so excited that Vinny will be having his first scrimmage game tomorrow with his 8th grade football team. GO WEST!! He's always loved football but this is the first year he has really put his heart into it and we can't wait to see how well he (and the others) play against the other teams.

 Not only that he has starting trying to self teach himself to play the guitar. Personally I think he is getting better. This year has really been a big year for him. I can't believe how much he has matured. James claims it's the girls but I think he's just starting to use the head on his shoulders and realizing it's time to stop playing around and be serious about things. Just today on the way home from practice he was telling me about how he wants to join more sports and keep up with his band so that he will be able to make his college application look good. I'm just so proud.

Sometimes I feel a little stir crazy so I take on more tasks to keep myself busy only to end up feeling overwhelmed in the end. Over a week ago I won a free book on shutterfly. All I had to do was create a book of my liking and they will send it to me as an 8x8 hardcover. Well that seemed simple enough. I started out with the idea of making a book about my family, you know start at the beginning and have pictures from then till now. Just adding info and cute sayings. What a job that turned out to be. First I realized I had never scanned in any of my oldest sons baby pictures, then I realized there were other pictures I wanted to use that I had never scanned.  Then it turned out that I didn't like how my folders were organized in my computer. So I decided to do a complete overhaul of all my pictures.  Now I wanted the pictures in folders by years and not by families and individual persons.

 First I started by dragging ALL my thousands of pictures ( I admit I love taking pictures ALOT!!) out of hiding and started putting them in order by year. Well that was a challenge in itself. In order to do that I had to figure out which pictures went with which year.
See already I was thinking too hard and turned one project into two separate projects. In order to figure out which pictures went to which years I had to figure out at years we lived where and what schools the kids were at the time. Thank goodness we have only moved 4 times. Sounds like a lot of work but I've already started so I might as well finish. I got a really cleaver idea to buy accordion folders to put my pictures in to keep them organized and out of the way once I get them scanned

These folders I bought from wal-mart for only $6. They are not only really sturdy but they also have zippers which is really great for keepin dust out. I can't wait to finally get all this organized and put My poor room looks like a hurricane swept through it. I just hope I don't burn my scanner up before I finish. Wish me luck!!



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