All the Bzzz about OLIA

Not only is it exciting to be a buzz agent and having the opportunity to try new products but I also get to give my totally honest opinion. 

Recently I was offered the opportunity to review the NEW GARNIER OLIA oil powered permanent color. Being that my hair is so thick it makes it almost impossible for me to dye it myself so my very willing daughter happily offered to be my guina pig
We headed off to Walgreens coupon in hand so that she could pick out her new color.
We decided that since spring is right around the corner we would brighten her hair a couple shades. So we went with a medium blonde.
The box contained color tubes to be mixed and the application bottle plus an tube of after conditioner the simple instructions and a pouch with gloves.
I will have to admit my biggest turn off when it comes to home dying kits would have to be finding these super cheaply made gloves. I don't like that they are not form fitting and they always end up sliding off my hands. Thankfully I had a pouch of disposable gloves that I keep for dirty jobs. So on we go
Last year My daughter just had to have hot pink highlights in her hair and yes they were super cute but now they are super hard to get rid of. Months back we went a few shades darker with her hair in hopes of covering the pink. NOPE it's still there as you can see.
And it's on the underside as well
Applying the dye was pretty simple for the most part. I could see who doing alone could be a bit of a challenge because you had to pay quite a bit of attention to the roots. Root coverage wasn't that simple.
Another characteristic I didn't really care for was that as the dye sat on her hair while I was finishing the remainder of her head it seemed to thicken and get stiff. This has never happened with any other dye I have tried before.

It took the entire bottle to do her hair 
It calls for a 30 Minute wait for the dye to set. When it was time to rinse the dye came out super easy and her hair felt so soft. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention the pleasant light smell that the dye has. Not some strong chemical smell so that was a bonus. After her hair fully rinsed and conditioned we just couldn't wait for it to dry so we hit it with the blow dryer and her are the end results

The lighting in the picture does not give the actual color justice. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful!!

It's lighter, softer, healthier looking and I am all around pleased with the results.

I would definitely refer this dye to a friend :)

it gets ****s, i subtracted a star because of the cheap gloves. other than that it would have been 5 stars.


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