M.L. 10 dumbest purchases



Absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever bought. Others may get something out of it but for me NO WAY! I gave it a real girl scout try and was never able to use it properly. My legs are to short for it, it springs out from between my knees, and It's even useless on my short arms.


Big mistake. Paid $60 for one for my oldest sons birthday. It went up and then down and it was game over. That thing didn't last 15 minutes.


We had such a beautiful saltwater tank and decided to add one of these little guys to the bunch. DUM DUM DUM DUM DUMBBB!! We also had a Lion fish (Leonitious) with a chip on his shoulder..lol. One little pinch for our $25 candy cane shrimp and Leonitios ended his life. Didn't even have him an hour..lol

4> Perfume from a flea market
I got fooled by the fake bottle. Paid $30 for a bottle of what was supposed to have been Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.  Later while taking a closer look I realized it was a fake. Realized that day it's better to just go to Belks and buy my perfumes like I had done before.

5> Flashy camcorder from flea market
Yet another impulse buy. Looked flashy and it took a memory card so I knew it had to be worth it. WRONG!! It didn't even have a light, had only one setting, and it again was a brand I had never heard of. Didn't have it long though. James gave it to his brother who wanted it.

6> Buying a car from a cousin
won't go into detail. Just should have listened to my grandma when she told me to NEVER do business with family members. It turned out to be a very hurtful situation .


I really hate even adding this one to the list but honestly it turned out to be a dumb buy. I saved up and Paid a little over $300 for this doll (plus matching outfits) she loved on for one day. The next day and still today she has been terrified of it (thanks to her little brother who claims he saw it move in the middle of the night) for years it has stayed packed away in the back of her closet and if she even sees me digging near it she takes off and won't return till I' done.

I honestly can't think of anything else and when I asked James if he could think of anything he simple said he puts that stuff behind him..lol. Gotta love that man of mine!


Paul Craig said...

LOL, I saw it move, too funny. I think I want that helicopter though

yourfriendrobin said...

Oh no!!! The candy candy cane shrimp made me laugh, but that doll part was sad business!!

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

SO glad you included a thighmaster! Worst product, ever!
And truly, I think the doll just blinked. Ellen

Wayne W Smith said...

That poor shrimp...didn't know he was messing with the king of the tank did he?

Angelwithatwist said...

Coming by from Listicles. I have always hated the twin dolls I just think the whole idea is creepy. Did the same with the helicopter. Aww poor little shrimp guy.. my blog is not attached to my google.. long story. You can find me here Ramblings of a Southern Angel

The Dose of Reality said...

Oh yeah, I totally remember the My Twin Doll, and I thought they were weird. Had no clue they were also so pricey! Ouch!

Summer Perdew said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about that waste of money. The thighmaster is totally useless.
I tell you my daughter is 12 (almost 13) and she refuses to even look that doll in the face. For the longest time she even had nightmares about it. Thats why is ended up deep in the very back of the closet.

Summer Perdew said...

Haha, the way she acts around that doll you'd thing it was chucky from childs play.
The helicopter OMG! That thing was so fragile. It hardly bumped the ground and it broke.

Summer Perdew said...

LOL! Hate to say it was quite entertaining to watch. Till we realized he was dead. The lion fish did a freddie kruger like move and the shrimp just fell over and never moved again.

Summer Perdew said...

I had no idea so many people thought they were strange or weird. I remember being a little girl and wishing my mom would get me one. The doll its self is right around $200 if i remember correctly. But I also got her and the doll a few matching outfits and had it express shipped so yeah a little over $300 for something that never sees the light of day.

Yona Williams said...

Oh wow...I bought one of those helicopters too, but on a discount site -I think I paid 20-something for it. What a waste. That's why they are always featured on the discount sites...no one wants to buy the crap.

lol @ the thighmaster. I feel the same way about the Shakeweight.

That's a shame about the My Twinn doll...I can see why kids could get scared of it.

I found your blog today through Monday Listicles.

Have a great day!

Marie said...

Maybe having boys is less expensive than having girls, although I did waste money on a robot for my middle son one Christmas.

Stasha said...

Who knew fish and shrimp are like cats and dogs ;) I find dolls a little creepy anyway, maybe just because of the huge price tag. Love the list!

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