MHO Monday Mingle #3 SECRETS


This Week's Theme: SECRETS

This Week's Questions:

1. Without giving to much info, what is the biggest secret you've ever kept?
I can keep secrets from others but I always tell James everything and he's like an unbreakable vault. One really good secret has to do with a terrible nasty thing I did to get back at someone for just being a stuck up, mean, nasty, rude person

2. Have you ever kept a secret from your Significant Other? Do you think he/she has kept any from you?
Like I said in question 1 I keep no secrets from James. I honestly don't think he has any he won't tell me. He believes in honestly no matter what, even if it is a little hurtful. I would much rather it that way that to wonder if there is anything he's not telling me.

3. Who is the first person you would automatically want to tell a secret to?
James and then Brandie who is my BFF after him.

4. Any secrets you want to get off your chest? Even if it's from the third grade, still counts.
None that I can think of right now.

5. Are you good at keeping secrets? Why or why not?
 Yes I'm good at keeping secrets from anyone but James. why?? because we are honest about everything with each other. That way no one can pull the he said/ she said stuff on us. 


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