My goodness where do I start. We had an absolute blast this year. Finally James was off work and was able to go with us which made the day even better. 

Honestly every year we usually do more than just Halloween day. We started the Wednesday before with our first Fall Festival. 
The kids enjoyed a trunk or treat, hay rides, horse and buggy rides, bouncy houses, exploring on a fire truck, hot dogs and hamburgers, cake walk, face painting, balloon animals, making their own caramel or chocolate covered apples, and lastly the boys got to ride a horse (Santana shied away). It was a great way to start off the Halloween fun.

 That Saturday we went to yet another Fall Fest and this time we all dressed for the occasion.
The kids again got to enjoy bouncy houses, horse rides, hay rides, cake walks and games. This time the church had hot dogs, fresh cotton candy, popcorn and lots of other treats. The kids had fun but at this fest I believe I had the most fun. Not only was my costume a hit but I was also the winner of the "guess the candy corns in the jar"
I was tickled to be the winner of the gift card :) YAY ME..lol. 

Finally Wednesday was finally here and it was time to get ready. My oldest had Wrestling practice so when the other two got home we got ready to go to our final fall fest. My ex went to pick Vinny up and met us at the church. 
I have to admit Halloween night the kids had fun running house to house Trick or Treating but I believe James and I had more fun just acting like kids and getting in character.

 We finally got home a little after 10 and boy did the kids bring in more candy than needed. 
But whats more fun than trick or treating on Halloween.......
Raiding the candy once the kiddies are tuckered out and sleeping soundly in bed.

Hope everyone else had a great and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!



vickilicious said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! And your costumes and make up were excellent, really, really scary! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Those costumes are awesome! And congrats on winning the gift card. :)

Julia Gibson said...

What a scary and fun group! Love the costumes! Hopped over from That Friday Blog Hop.


Summer Perdew said...

Thanks Vicki! We did have lots of fun :)

Summer Perdew said...

Thank you!

Summer Perdew said...

Thanks for stopping by and following. Heading your to your page to return the favor :)

schittum819 said...

I loved reading about your beautiful family! You seem like such a great mother! I can't wait to follow your blog and keep reading! Best wishes to you!


Rachel said...

Cute photos! New follower via the Aloha blog hop.. I'd love a follow back. :)


S. Franklin said...

You and your family really went all out on your costumes hahaha! I'm following your blog from the last Aloha Friday blog hop. I'd love a follow as well and I hope you are planning to join in the hop again this week! Take care :).

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Oh my goodness, you really went all out. And what a scary looking zombie family you were! My husband took off from work this year so we could all truly enjoy the day together. It was awesome. He got to attend the Halloween parade at my daughter's preschool. We carved our jack-o-lantern as a family and they got to enjoy trick or treating together. It was a great Halloween.

Thank you for linking up for The Mom Pledge Halloween Blog Hop!

Gemma Kelly said...

Wow you all look soooo good! looks like you had such a good time, can't wait for my boys to start really getting into Halloween and dressing up! xx Baby and Me.

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