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This week's subject is 10 Firsts

1. First music video: 

I remember the day we got Mtv at our house. It was something I had never seen before and after watching my first video that I still remember to this day. I was forever hooked on the hair bands and rock ballads.

2.  My first car: I didn't really get to enjoy my first car. I paid $500 for a 70 powder blue Mercury cougar when I was 16 and it's transmission blew out as it was being brought to my house. 
this is almost what it looked like

My first car that I bought and was able to drive was a blue 86 Plymouth horizon 
It definitely wasn't my dream car but I loved the freedom that came with it and I of course had my stickers all over the back glass of the bands I loved.

3. My first child: I gave birth to my first son on July 9th 1998. He was 2 weeks over due and labor lasted 48 long and painful hours but it was one of the greatest moments of my life. The pain was only temporary but the experience will be something I will remember my whole life.  

4. My first Job: I got my first job on my 16th birthday. I was to begin working at  Southern Hosiery.  I made $5.25 an hour folding socks in the finishing department after school.

5. My first concert: It was yet another greatest experience I will never forget. Again I was 16 and I went with 3 great friends to see Pantera, sepultura, and Prong



6. First tattoo: well My very first tattoo was a poor choice. it was done by a friend with a needle and Indian ink. It was the word LEO with the L and O made to look like eyes and it had fangs under it  like a lion. I now have that covered up so I can't show a picture of what it looked like.

7. First Award: I won first place in an art contest when I was in second grade and my picture was displayed at the art museum here in town. 

8. First real trip out of state: My first real trip out of state wasn't a planned one. My husbands brother and family were survivors of Hurricane Katrina. He and I made the trip down there to find them when communication wasn't even possible. The sights and sounds of unimaginable sadness added with the oh so real smell of death every where is yet  another memory never to be forgotten. It was a long shot and we traveled on a wing and a prayer but long story short we found them. 

9. First movie that really scared me: I remember being at my cousin Candy's birthday party. Most of the adults were inside watching a movie and every time I went in they shooo'ed me back out so being a young curious child I hid and watched with them. I found out later the name of the movie was FACES OF DEATH and to this day I can still remember the people taking out that poor monkeys brain and eating it...EAKKKK!! Such a crazy but real movie.

10. First broken heart: Was the day my grandfather passed away. He was the most positive male role model in my life. My parents separated and divorced when I was small and my grandfather took his place in my heart and in my eyes. He passed away on his birthday July 15th 1994  when I was 16.

Sitting with my papaw :)


Wayne W Smith said...

A very nice set of listicles. That is why I have never got a tattoo. Never have found something that I know, I would never change my mind about.

Diane said...

My first son was due on July 9th (1999) but didn't come until the 17th, after 26 hours of labor and a c-section. Did you say 48 HOURS?!!

I remember some friends putting in a VHS of Faces of Death when I was a teenager. I have NEVER forgotten it! In a very bad way.

doseofreality said...

Great list! I loved reading it. Number 10 made me sad. :(

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

Great list, but the one about your PawPaw made me all misty-eyed. Sweet list. Erin

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

My best friend loves Pantera. I love rock n' roll too.

Marie said...

Reading all these lists makes me think that I need to do a Part 2! First award, first broken heart, first trip out of state...great ones. Can't do first tattoo because I don't have one, although I sometimes think about it! Not sure I want to willingly face the pain!

Summer Perdew said...

Thank you!! Yes thankfully I was able to cover up that little mistake. I definitely learned to steer clear of what friends call "Kitchen wizards". It's well worth paying the extra for beautiful art rather than walking around with an embarrassing mess on display. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment :)

Summer Perdew said...

I sure did say 48 hours and without a c-section. He took the longest my other 2 were 15hrs apiece. I have seen all the faces of death movies and don't really care to see them again. those movies can surely make your skin crawl. Thanks for stopping by :)

Summer Perdew said...

Thank you!!

Summer Perdew said...

Thank you :)

Summer Perdew said...

I still love them. I love a wide variety of music but rock is still on the top of my list.

Summer Perdew said...

Thank you!! Tattoos can be addictive. I stated out with that one and got it covered up but now I have 5 and have been thinking about getting another. All the tattoos I have all have sentimental reasoning behind them. The pain is only temporary and a helpful hint.. the closer to the bone the more it hurts!!

AudreyN said...

Great list! Your first car was cool, too bad the transmission blew up!

Stasha said...

What a collection of first. My grandpa was the most amazing man ever so I can relate to your #10 so much. Love the photo of ou and your son.

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