Just Like Dynamite He Blows Me Away

Back again for my weekly link up with the ever enjoyable Monday Listicles hosted by 

The weeks topic "10 reasons my partner is awesome" was one of the easiest for me. I could truly go on and on about the wonderful person he is and the things he does for me and others but the list is limited to 10 so I'll just blurb some out. 

1. I'll just start this list off with the most obvious. His physical features rawrrr :). You know the old saying that there is someone out there for everybody. Well I honestly believe James was the one that was made just for me. He is every physical characteristic of a man that I love!! From his strawberry blonde hair and amazing hypnotic green eyes to his perfect height and  Popeye muscle bulging arms. After 10 wonderful years he can still give me butterflies.

2.  He is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.

3. His inner child- He is so fun to be around. His mind is always racing with ways to improve and/or make things fun. for example: He built a city in the back yard with my youngest using bricks for the skyscrapers, mortar for the roads, and a bridge out of Popsicle sticks. It was truly amazing to look at and he did it all for my son to play with his hot wheels. He and my daughter build a dollhouse from scratch with working lights and carpeted floors. That project got started all because she mentioned that she would like to have a dollhouse.

4. He has helped turn so many of my dreams into reality. Weather it's something as small as always wanting to own a boxer to something a huge as becoming a stronger person from the inside out he has been there to help in any way possible. I can also add to the list that he is the one that made my trip to India for the Gastric Bypass Surgery possible.

5. When I go into hysterics as if the world has ended he's calm as a cucumber and ready to take charge of the situation.

6. He is not a cheater!! Any man that doesn't cheat gets major props in my book. In this day in age there are more and more unfaithful partners and I'm so lucky to have one that is totally against being unfaithful.

7. He supports all my hair brained ideas. 

8. Breakfast in bed and it's not even my birthday.

9. He may not be the father but he is an AWESOME dad to my children.
10. He is an extremely hard worker and he does it not for recognition but because that's just the man that he is.


yourfriendrobin said...

Number 6 is so true and such an awesome trait in a man

The Dose of Reality said...

Very sweet list! :) He sounds like a total catch...see what we did there, with the fishing picture above! ;)-The Dose Girls

Kristi Campbell said...

Breakfast in bed when it's not even your birthday is SUPER awesome. Great post and I love the photo!

Dana @ Kiss My List said...

Everyone's partner should be their bestest friend - so glad you found yours!

Robbie K said...

Building dollhouses and cities gets major points in my book.

Yona Williams said...

That's a sweet list!

So glad that you have found your perfect match! Also, in this day and age, a faithful man who loves their partner with unconditional love is (sad to say) hard to come by.

Thanks for sharing your heartfelt list!


thewritemama said...

sounds like a great catch!!

Ducky said...

Being best friends is a make or break deal in my book! Fabulous list

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