MHO Monday Mingle: GOALS

This Week's Theme: Goals
1. Do you believe setting goals are important in life?
I do believe goals are very important in life. I've setting a lot of goals lately.
2. Do you set time tables for your goals? If so is there one goal you are determined to meet in 2013?
Right now with my surgery being two weeks away I am not really setting a time table. Right now my goals are as simple as training myself to eats 3 times a day and to make sure I take my supplement EVERYDAY!! I guess my only goal that I hope to achieve in 2013 would be to find a job that I enjoy.
3. Are there any past goals that you are proud to announce you have met?
Yes, I decided to make a few major life changing (improving) goals last year. I had come to my breaking point and was fed up with feeling  hurt and taken advantage of so. I realized that it was just making my life miserable. Drama was on going. I set one goal to get the people who were causing these problem out of my life and I DID IT!!!! YAY!!
the rest of my goals are still in the works 
4. If you have children, are you teaching them about, and helping them make goals for the future?
*Vinny's goal is to bring up his average in social studies before the next progress report.
*My daughter Santana is working on her goal of making the football team at her school.
*Nick's goal is to read and test on at least one AR book a week. 
*Right now one goal they are all working toward as a unit is their recycling of cans. They collect them, clean them, crush them, and are storing them till they collect enough bags to fill the back of our truck. Then they get to take them to the salvage yard to sell them. They have set a goal to make enough money to pay for the family to go on vacation.
5. Do you have a bucket list? have you started to work toward any of the goals on it yet?
I do have a bucket list. Some things I have already checked off, some I will be checking off soon, and others I will work toward in the future.


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