What's going on?!?!?!.

As I sit here with my passport application on it's way to the Department of State for approval and so many feelings and emotions running wild I guess I should finally clue you (my readers) in on whats going on. As it says at the top of my blog in the description, I am pre-op for WLS, W-weight L-loss S-surgery. What it doesn't state is that I will be traveling to India to have my surgery. Why so far you may ask? Well.....

 My husband works for a wonderful company that provides a medical program for it's employees and their dependents. The program sends them to some of the greatest surgeons in their field in order to have surgeries or to get medical attention needed so that they may begin to have a better healthier happier life. Given the choice to either have my surgery in Costa Rica or India I chose India. Gastric Bypass is one of the many operations available.  They also perform Knee replacements, Shoulder replacements, Spinal disc replacements, Spine fusion, and even dental implants Just to name a few. For me a really awesome part is that there is no cost to myself and a friend or family member unless we want to buy souvenirs. I've heard others make such positive statements about their own personal experiences so I can't wait to have mine to share as well. I will be sharing those experiences here on my blog as I go along. 

I'm really excited and nervous about going on this trip being that this will be my very first time on a plane and only my second time out of my home state, not to mention my first real trip!! I have my faith in God that he will be with me and watching over me and I will follow his guidance along the path that I need to be on. I know this is what I need in order to finally be able to live a happy HEALTHY life. I'm ready to break the cycle of obesity in my blood line and be able to be a positive example and role model for my 2 younger children, who I have witnessed are following right in line with me at that age.

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Sugar Aunts said...

I just got goose bumps reading this. Best of luck to you in this journey and I will be following along with your story. It is so good of you to make the healthier positive change and to look at the influence on your kids is wonderful.
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