Monday Listicles Valentin No No's

                                      MONDAY LISTICLES

This week’s Monday Listicles is based on what not to buy your woman for a gift. I guess it's Kind of a heads up for your loving man if he checks out your blog. HI!! HUNNY!! :)

I have to say I'm really not the kind of person that has a list of things I wouldn't want. I mean I've gotten some pretty unusual gifts in the past, for example- tires for my truck for Christmas and a carpet shampooer for my birthday. My hubby is not the lovey dovey type so I appreciate everything I get because I know he made an effort and took the time to think about me and that's what matters most.

10 things not to get your wife for Valentines day.

1. Sweet hearts

yucky nasty chalky candies with the words on them. I won't even buy these for my kids...UCKY!!
2. Sweets in general

Actually since I'm doing the weight loss surgery soon and I'm really into loosing weight it would be best to not buy any sweets at all.

3.Cheap Cheesy Cards

I don't like any card
that was just picked
up because it was in the valentines section.

4. Cleaning supplies

No kind of cleaning supplies or anything of that manner would be acceptable for valentines day.


Another gift that I would not want would be a gift bought for him with my name on the tag. My ex husband did that once. He bought me a shirt that was his size (2-3 sizes smaller than me) and a mans bracelet.
6. Stuffed animals
I used to love stuffed animals but now I have them on my bedroom wall and stuffing the top of our closet so I know I don't need anymore.

7. Anything porn related
Don't need it. Really wouldn't like it as Valentines day either. I believe that would also go under the gifts for him with my name on it.
8. Roses
A few years ago James went out and bought me a row of rose bushes and told me that they were my lifetime supply. When they are in bloom he just cuts one off and brings it to me. So He knows I'm good in that department.
9. Furniture
our house already too full.
10. Can't think of anything else. 
I really can't think of anything else. Like I said before I love anything that he takes the time and thought to get me.
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the robot mommy said...

Godiva chocolate is acceptable for the candy part but that's only because I'm addicted ;)

Stasha said...

Ok roses bushes were a wonderful gift. Your man is a keeper for sure ;)

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