Monday Listicles 10 TINY OR SECRET JOYS


Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles. This week's topic is:
10 Tiny or Secret things that bring me joy

       Just recently while preparing to get all my stuff together to turn in my application for my passport I had to ran sack my closet to find my Birth certificate(what fun!!) anywhoo. I can across 4 VHSC's (for anyone who doesn't remember what those are, it's the miniature VHS tapes for the old old camcorders.) While sitting and watching these tapes for the first time in ages I couldn't help but smile like a Cheshire cat as I wiped away tears. one of the tapes had my 2 oldest children when they were 2 and 7 months old and the others where when they were 1,3,and 5.
    After finding those tapes and him seeing how badly I wanted to know what was on them he went on a day long search to find me one of those old timey camcorders just so that I could see what was on them. That alone brings me joy.

  He is so sweet and cuddly and spunky every time he hops around he makes me laugh.

         The decision to loose weight wasn't he only decision I have made in the past year that has made a major effect. I decided to take control of my life and actually start living it. I cast away all the negative people who were causing not only myself but my kids pain and those who brought unnecessary drama into our home. I also decided to have a positive out look on life and to look at the bright side instead of always worrying what could go wrong. I changed to always look at how I can make it right. I knew that in order for me to have the outcome I plan on after surgery I had to rid my life of the things that were going to try to prevent my success. That in a nut shell has brought much joy to my life!

7> One on one girl times with my daughter.
8> A day at the salon.
9> Compliments on my children being well behaved by strangers.
10> Completing a project.


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