Wow it's been a bit since I've blogged any up dates as to the happenings in the Perdew world. It's funny how in a matter of just a couple months things can change so much. There was a sad happening at my husbands work place back in early October. He went to work like any regular night and was told that they were holding a meeting in the break room before work. While sitting with the other employees a supervisor came in and escorted James to another room only to inform him that all the other men sitting in the break room were going to be permanently laid off in that meeting and that only he and another man were going to be kept. I knew something was wrong when he called just by the tone of his voice. He felt so bad about being able to stay while others were being sent home. On the other hand he felt blessed that we were going to be o.k. or at least for the time being. We walked on egg shells for about a month. Although he lost all over time and his hours were cut to 36 hours a week we were going to be o.k.. Some of those men had dedicated 20 or so years to that company only to be told they were no longer needed. I'll never understand how any person with a heart can make a life changing decision like that.

  I on the other hand had my own drama going on. I had a blow out with my sister in law (if it were categorized like an earthquake it would easily have been an 9). To me I believe it had been a long time coming. So many times it seemed like we tried to make a situation work but more times than not it didn't. Every time we got to the point that we could talk to one another some how it got turned upside down and I guess you could say we were both defending our own forts. It all started with my innocently posting a picture of her children (my niece and nephew) on here on my link up with 10 day you challenge  They were one of my 9 loves. I mean I stated from get go that I take and post pictures all the time, I had her permission at first till she suddenly decided to change her mind after what I believe was she realized that with me posting pictures of her kids people could put  2 and 2 together and find out we were related. So she made a big fuss and all of a sudden threatened that if I posted another picture of one of her children I would never be able to see them again.  anywhoo it started a train wreck that went way out of  control. She said things, I said things and now there is nothing at all being said. I had tried to get her to talk to me long before this, to try to figure out what was going on but that just never happened. Small blow ups would happen, then it would fester down but never resolve. Finally I guess I got her at the right time or said what needed to be said to push her to the limit to finally spill what was really on her mind. WOW!! it was an email that I can only describe as long, vicious and very dramatic. I'm honestly glad she was able to get it all off her chest and hope that in a way she may now be able to put it behind her but I really felt bad after reading it all because I found out that almost the whole majority of hatred towards me came from lies. I wrote her a reply explaining what had really happened in those incidents or what had really been going on. Only to have her husband come to our house mad because she had shown him my reply but not what she had sent.  I guess I fell for that one hook, line, and sinker. Now the holidays are rapidly approaching..... and well thats how that chapter ends......

On to other things... After our incident I myself started feeling better I finally got the troll off my back (not saying she is a troll) speaking metaphorically, saying the burden of the whole situation was gone. I felt free of of it all, it was time for me to get my butt in gear and make some changes. I started out remodeling our living room, which is still a work in 
progress. we have the old 70s style paneling walls so I'm filling in the groves so that our walls will be smooth. YAY. So far I am almost half way done. Who know doing all the sanding by hand would take this long.

Our next project was our FALL BUCKET LIST which was a hit. I have a separate post showing all the fun we had completing our list and we are
now working on a WINTER BUCKET LIST to enjoy as a family. It's a lot of fun when everyone gets involved. 

Football season is over and it's on to wrestling. They didn't have the best year but they did win the game that counted the most "The Apple Bowl" The Bulldogs brought the trophy home to West at the seasons last game. I think my boy has discovered that wrestling is his favorite sport. Not only did he win his first match (season just started) but the Bulldogs mauled the Wildcats. GO BULLDOGS and GO VINNY!!!!!!

My birthday girl has sure grown a lot this year. After starting middle school she really stepped up her game. She no longer has to be watched over while she does her homework, she was playing the flute in band (was) but she decided that she didn't like the flute after all and wanted to follow her brothers steps and take on percussion. Which she seems to be enjoying. She's getting more involved in the kitchen...YAY!! that really excites me cause I love working in the kitchen with my daughter and lastly she is working hard at softball so that she will be able to play well next year in 7th grade. THATS MY GIRL :)

And then we have my little man who loves nothing more than to enjoy life. He's still my little snuggle buddy. That is when he's not out wrestling, jumping, shooting hoops, cutting up, making others laugh, or trying to avoid homework. My Buddy :)

All fur babies are still living the high life getting spoiled to their hearts content.



vickilicious said...

One long postwith lots of stuff happening in your life. I'm so glad your husband didn't get laif off, I don't dare to imagine such a possibility! I hope you work things out with SIL (without necessarily giving in) to at least bring your relationship to speaking terms even if speaking is of trivial 'how do you do' type of things. It'll be hard for the whole (extended) family during christmas! Won't it?!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Found you via Friday chaos blog hop. I'm your newest follower :)


Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

I can relate to the issue w/your sister-in-law. I am experiencing an issue with a family member also. Those are the worst especially when children are involved. I hope that you all can work it all out. Also really glad that your husband didn't get laid off, that was truly a blessing. Following from Friendly Friday blog hop.

Summer Perdew said...

Well I feel that the ball is now in her court. I've done all that I will do because I refuse to roll over. She can either continue to be the way she is now of she can change for the better. Either way we will move on. Regardless of what she says I know her kids miss us and my kids miss them.

Nikki said...

My inlaws don't like me. I used to take it personally but then I saw that they treated my husband the same way they treat me. My mother in law will look for any little thing to turn into drama. She has sent me several hateful, viscous emails. We are on speaking terms now but it's only because they want to see my husband and kids. I feel so out of place whenever I go to their house. Oh well, at least I don't have to go over there any more than a few times a year.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you at least feel better and got that awful troll off your back! (love that!). I'm lucky that I get along with all my in-laws, but mostly just because we all keep our distance. Holidays and the occasional family dinner are the only times we get together...and that's fine by me!

My daughter would be so jealous of your daughter's hair - she's dying for pink stripes lol.

Thanks for linking up with the GtKY hop! Hope to see you again next week =)

Farida said...

It's more fun to do the tasks at home when everyone else is involved and I'm glad that the issue between you and your in-law have been settled. By the way, would you like us to follow each other?

Emma McCartney said...

What a fantastic blog you have! I am your newest follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to come follow back! xx

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

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