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It was extremely hard for me to just choose 5 of my favorite pictures because I am such an compulsive picture taker. But here they are!! I hope you enjoy.

This picture was taken back in July on one of our many trips to the science center. I absolutely love having the kids put there heads in the mirrored display and standing on the other end to take the picture. it always comes out really neat and I really love the way this one turned out.
My oldest son made the football team in August and my youngest son just had to following in his footsteps. I love this picture because I think it displays a sort of sibling rivalry. 
 I love the scenery and just the simplicity of this picture.
The pure happiness in her face makes me love this picture. She thought it was so funny because she almost fell off the rock and I just happened to catch the excitement on her face.
I took the kids to the mountains this past weekend and we did a little rock climbing. This was taken after nick jumped off of a rock onto what he thought was a shore only to find out it was marsh and we joked with him about having swamp foot.  The expression on his face in this picture is why I chose this picture.


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