This weekend we had so much fun

 carving our pumpkins for Halloween. 
 Every year we take the kids to pick out

one pumpkin each that they get to clean 

out themselves and then  go online to 

pick out the faces they want me to carve

for them. It won't be to much longer

before I pass over the tool and let them

 carve their own pumpkins but for the

 time being I enjoy doing that part.

 Pumpkin carving is so much simpler

 when you have a pumpkin carving kit. 

This is what I purchased last year.
 It's a neat little kit and it also comes 

with stencils to use. I don't know if other

 kits are build as durable as this one but 

I was actually able to use it last year and

 almost finished my project this year. I

 will be buying a new set next season 

because both my little carving tools not 

only bent but the smallest ones blade

 broke off.

The kids choose to go online to find stencils for their pumpkins. There are many different free sites that can be used or if you want something with a lot of detail they have sites where you pay for the ability to print your stencil. Also you can just search "Pumpkin carving stencils or templates" on your favorite search engine and you'll find many more printables. 

Here are some  wonderful sites that have

 some sweet stencils.

And for those who don't mind paying

Hope these sites could be of some help 




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