The big day is finally here!!

Today I will be heading to the Charlotte airport to board my flight to India!! I cant believe the day is finally here. I've been on my pre-op diet now for 14 long days. I cant say that is has been easy but I just keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the long run. 

Originally my surgery was scheduled to be preformed on April 4th but I found out today that it was pushed back to the 8th. The pro to having my date changes is that I will be able to do all my sight seeing before  the operation and I know I will be feeling up to it. Then again to me the con is having to wait 4 more days and being on this diet 4 more days.

I'm staying positive about this whole life change and am so excited about the opportunity to not only travel to 2 countries (we will have a layover in Munich Germany going to and coming from India) and being about to have this surgery that will help me finally get to where I want to be in life. I know it has not only been a learning and growing experience for me but with my children watching my determination to achieve my goal I hope that it has taught them that sacrifice, hard work, and determination does pay off.

I'm sure once all this is started and I have more going on I will have more to post. 

Starting weight: 270
 begin Pre-op weight: 259
Todays weight: 239
109lbs TO GO!!!!


Danyale N. said...

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Nicky Hudelson said...

Just dropping in doing a little Bloglovin' reading:) Hope you have a great day!

Brandy Saldana said...

What cute suitcases.

Good luck with the surgery! I will be rooting for you.


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