Getting ready to do a complete over haul on my 

blog. I'll be changing my theme and posts. I've

started a new journey for happiness and self 

acceptance and my blog will share that. I'm going

to be having gastric bypass surgery soon so my

 recipes will consist of healthy food that are WLS 

friendly as well as exercises and websites that I 

have found helpful as well as words of 

inspiration and my thoughts and progress along 

the way. I hope everyone decides to stay an

 follow along with me as I improve my life and 

break the cycle of that I was supposed to be into

 the Happy healthy life I have dreamed of 

making a reality.



Angela said...

hey there, looking forward to seeing how your new blog takes shape, and how you are doing, came by via the Followers to friends blog hop, following on GFC now, i prefer GFC follow back if you don't mind hon
Angela x

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