Linking up again with the 10 day YOU challenge with Lauren. I started a bit late  on top of being quite a few days late with my entry so I'm only on my 3rd installment and so here are my 8 FEARS.

        My biggest fear is that my children will grow up thinking I could have done more for them. It's a silly fear I know but it has always haunted me. I myself always strive to be a better mother than the one who raised me.

        I've lost so many loved ones that meant a lot to me and the pain was so hard. I pray that I never have to bury either of my children or my husband. If I could have my way I would choose to go first.

       I have always been a heavy girl and my weight has gone up and down but my fear is that I will become so obese that I won't be able to get it back down.

       I play many roles in my house and sometimes fear that if I were to ever become injured or hospitalized that the house or my family won't be taken care of.

       Since my wonderful hubby works some nights I stay up and sort of guard the house because I'm afraid that if I sleep someone could possibly break in. 

        I know this one is crazy but all too true. I will scream like a girl and run away if I get milk on my skin. I've been that way as long as I can remember. I've never been able to drink it because I'm allergic. but it will turn my stomach if it gets one me.

       I have a fear that one day my vehicle  may break down leaving me stranded and helpless. The world is not as nice a place as it used to be and  I  have seen way to many horror movies.

and lastly

        This one is not actually a fear for me but is none the less a fear. I have a younger brother that lives a very reckless life. Right now he is in prison set to be released in 2015. Every since he started living this way I have had the fear that he was either going to end up overdosing or was going to be killed for some of the poor choices he has made. So I guess my real fear it that he is never going to change and eventually will end up being robbed of living any like of full or happy life.


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