It's always nice to pick at least one night every week out of the hustle and bustle to snuggle in with the family and watch a movie together.

                              NICK'S MOVIE PICK

                       One of my favorite parts!!

Despicable Me is a compelling animated comedy about an aging super villain's falling popularity at the hands of a younger supervillain and three young orphan girls. Gru is a true, bad-to-the-core evildoer who's earned the title of the world's No. 1 super villain. 

  But when young upstart Vector steals the Pyramid of Giza, Gru's status suddenly sinks to No. 2. Gru counters his fall by speeding up his plan to shrink and steal the moon,

Going to steal the MOON!!
Dr. Nefario
enlisting the help of his army of minions and the elderly Dr. Nefario, but a lack of funding and the difficulties involved in stealing the needed shrink-ray gun threaten to derail everything.

  Adopting three young orphan girls is an unlikely, but seemingly effective means to further Gru's evil mission, but Gru quickly discovers that caring for three young girls is more work, and distraction, than he could ever have anticipated.

 What unfolds is an unexpected shift in attitude that will forever change the lives of Gru, Vector, and all three young girls

                        Tearful moment

Absolutely love this movie!! A definite must see if you haven't already 



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